It is never too early to think about how you plan to spend your retirement money. If you have worked almost all your life, you probably will think of something grand and worthy of that money you have worked for years. A nice house is not a bad idea and is even a good investment, which you could even pass on to your next generation. Your kids and grandkids would appreciate it and would remember you for such endeavor. The River Road House in Oregon is a perfect example of that. Once you see how it is built and designed, you will be inspired to follow its direction.

This house was designed by Nir Pearlson, Architect Inc., which is a small company that handles all architectural services whose expertise lies in doing green designs. Their service was asked by a couple who were just thinking about getting a retirement home, and they wanted a house that would fit them as they grow old. That said, the firm decided to keep it simple, as they built a one-story home for the couple. For only 800 ft2 (74.3 m2), we have to say that this house is fully functional.

It is not a luxurious type of retirement home, but it is just enough for a couple who would want to spend their aging years together in a quaint little house. It has two bedrooms that just have the right amount of space for whatever they want to do, plus it is complete with all the necessities needed in a house. There is a spacious open floorplan with a bright kitchen, wood fireplace and one bathroom.

This project is both wise and definitely romantic. Investing your money in a good home like this is a valuable idea!

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