Beautiful and Amazing Log Home Design

Beautiful and Amazing Log Home Design

Vaghaye has always been a go-to site for me to get interior and exterior home design ideas. The site has sleek modern home design ideas, and even has ideas for a Beautiful and Amazing Log Home Design. This is important to us, as recently we bought a log cabin, just outside of the city as a second home. I wasn't sure how to "decorate" it and went to doing some research on the internet.

When I look at Vaghaye, I am simply inspired and influenced, and I can see the available options for "rustic-chic" interior log home design. The best part about the wood, is it lends a natural color theme, and the wooden hues are carried from room to room because of the earthy shades. Another great thing abut the wood, is there are so many different types available, so there is basically endless combinations you can do, making each home virtually one-of-a-kind. Everything from the floors to the shingles, vaulted ceilings or a wrap-around deck, all are custom designed for you desires. Plants and windows are integral to the overall appeal as the log home is design to blend in with its surroundings, and being with nature is such an important part about getting away from the hectic pace and lifestyle of the big city.

Our designs were more modern rustic-chic, and we incorporated many "natural" finishes to help balance all the wood. From stone works along the paths and a big fireplace, to the use of copper on the roof for timeless elegance - all the elements of the design were carefully considered and mostly inspired by designs I came across in pictures on the internet. The next step is furnishings and slowly we are getting a few pieces of log furniture, as we want the furniture to be sturdy and long lasting, just like our home. Our cabin and the furniture were "harvested wood", meaning that it was sourced from dead wood from trees that were blown over in the wind, or struck by lightning, and even killed by insects or beetles.This means our house is not only beautiful, but it is good for the environment and made from a renewable, sustainable and natural resource. Our next addition to the home is to go off-grid, and make or store our own electricity. We are planning the installation of solar panels, and a rainwater collection system to water an outdoor garden area. Then we will really be living off the land! Don't forget to check out my main source of inspiring these ideas at Vaghaye, via the link below!

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