Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Cake

Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Cake

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Cake’? *silence* “Nothing comes to my bright mind when I hear ‘Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Cake’, my friend. Rather What I feel is a craving and a hunger for this sweet dessert.” Oh yeah! High five! It’s good to hear that I am not the only one who’s ravenous for Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Cake. Who wouldn’t be?! I mean who wouldn't crave for banana, brownies, and cake that are piled into one? *heavy breathing* Alright, before we go wild here, let us take ourselves to the world of chocolate brownies first. Don’t know much about it? Here, I can give you some. *winks*

Chocolate brownies are flat, baked square desserts. As stated in Wikipedia, they are developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century and popularized in both the U.S. and Canada during the first half of the 20th century. Brownie is a cross between a cake and a soft cookie and it also comes in a variety of forms. Brownies are fudgy. *heavy breathing again* Sorry, it’s just that… I can imagine its fudginess! Anyway, brownies include nuts, icing, chocolate chips, or other ingredients. Well, whatever you prefer, brownies rock! *winks* Brownies are finger foods. They can be eaten with milk or coffee. “They are sometimes served warm with ice cream (ŕ la mode), topped with whipped cream, or sprinkled with powdered sugar.” They are sometimes served in restaurants. Brownies are said to have been created by a pastry chef as requested by the American socialite, Betha Palmer. Bertha Palmer’s husband owns the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. According to Wikipedia, Bertha asks the pastry chef for a dessert suitable for ladies attending the Chicago World's Columbian Exposition in 1893. She asks for a “confection smaller than a piece of cake, though still retaining cake-like characteristics, easily eaten from boxed lunches.” And that, my friend, is how chocolate brownies is created. *winks*

Now it is time for you to enjoy Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Cake! The link to the recipe is found on the "Hugs and Cookies XOXO" website below.

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