Back to basics with this old fashioned log home (the Richfield) fro $59,000.

Back to basics with this old fashioned log home (the Richfield) fro $59,000.

Finding the right home can be a really complicated task. There are so many things to consider when choosing the place you are going to live, build memories, start a family, and spend many if not all of the years of your life. While the options seem to be limitless when it comes to home ownership, bedrooms, bathrooms, decks, skylights, kitchen countertops, foyers, etc. etc. there is a lot to be said for the simple route. Log homes, as an alternative to the traditional duplexes, townhouses, and large suburban homes of today are a beautiful and simplistic option for those who want to stay in touch with the basics and enjoy a bit of nature in their day to day living. Beautifully crafted, sturdy, and deeply calming, a log home isn't without its own set of options. You can choose the style and cut of the wood, as well as many of the interior and exterior design options.

Historically, log homes were the ideal dwelling choice for settlers and pioneers given their simplicity and economy of construction. The log homes of the North American Pioneer age were cut from surrounding forest, stripped of bark, and held together with nothing but notches and clay. They could be erected in a manner of days and provided shelter from the harsh elements of the North American climate. Of course, nowadays, log homes can be held together a great deal more securely than by simple notches and mud packing. Moreover, the design possibilities are not limited to whichever wooded area you decide to homestead on. The rustic appeal and natural touches of a log home can be achieved with all the modern sophistication and aesthetic individuality of the 21st century simply through purchasing plans and materials from a reputable log home specialist such as eLog Homes.

ELog Homes, based in the United States, has made it their mission to bring these beautiful displays of historical architecture to the modern age by providing custom blueprints to anyone who wishes to pursue the log home of his/her dreams. Costs for material packages vary from 21 to 30 dollars a square foot, and the avenues of design are endless. When you include the cost for a general contractor to help build your home, the price lands approximately between 100-150 dollars per square foot. Their log homes have preserved the history and nature-oriented origins of a traditional log dwelling, while allowing for all the comforts of the modern age, as well as a wide range of personalizing options for the home-buyer. Log homes are an affordable, highly aesthetic, and very fulfilling choice for the potential home-owner. To take a look at a variety of designs, or to find out how you can begin your journey to owning and enjoying a log home of your own, just click on the eLog Homes link below.

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