Awesome Log Bath Tub

Awesome Log Bath Tub

Liking many of your readers out there, I am a lover of the hot bath. I am also a lover of natural materials. When I saw this bathtub, my first and only thought was : heaven, so I decided to dig a bit deeper to see what kinds of wooden bathtubs are already out there built on the market and ready to be soaked in. (Not everything has to be DIY, when there are some fabulous builders already out there).

Wood has always been associated with style, longevity and essence. It has a natural 'feel and warmth' to it that not many other materials can hope for. There is a certain life that is brought to the object when it is hand crafted out of wood. A certain softness and character that makes each piece different and unique. Not all of the links and designers below specialize in hand crafted, but there a variety of wooden bath tub ideas that will give you something to dream about tonight.

First, is the wood tub from 'Teak Tubs' similar to the one in the image. It is made of solid teak blocks and is durable against heat, cold and humidity. It will stand up in and outdoors which is always a plus because it makes it like a one person hot tub.

Second, on my favorite list, is the Viaggi tub that has a luxurious and clean finish that is sleek and smooth. It is a deep tub perfect for soaking and cannot help but bring a luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Third, on my list, is the organic shaped wooden tub from Arteggiando Design. It is elegant and manly at the same time. The character of the wood is highlighted in the front and only improves as it gets wet.

The Ocean Shell Tub, is next up, and although similar to the Viaggi in sleekness has a shape that some like even more. The one in this image has been placed on a bed of gravel so that it apparently does not overflow.

The last one I want to highly is the Hinoki wooden bathtub does not scream luxury, but makes for a fun family indoor tub.

To see more designs and links to the designers, visit the link below to "Home Tone".

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