At Last, a Log Cabin Kit That Is Equally Beautiful and Durable as It Is Cheap

At Last, a Log Cabin Kit That Is Equally Beautiful and Durable as It Is Cheap

At Last, a Log Cabin Kit That Is Equally Beautiful and Durable as It Is Cheap. Small log cabins and small log homes are a timeless, practical and economical type of housing that has been built for centuries. This charming Inexpensive Log Cabin Kit: The 16x10 (5 x 4m) Colorado 34mm Log Cabin, is just one of the small log home plans you will find. This small log homes would be a great addition to any backyard or piece of land as a starter log home to live in while building a larger log home or as a guest cabin or bed and breakfast. This small log cabins would also be great for a separate office building or art or music studio, or just a separate room off of the main house for the residents to use as they pleased. The Colorado small log home plans would be the perfect size to fit into any larger back yard, and the log cabin designs make it easy to assemble and be ready for whatever use you would have in mind. There are double doors on the front of these wood cabins, which add a nice style to the log home plans and designs, and also, provide extra doorway space for moving things in or out. They also open up the log house designs to the outdoors, which is nice, along with the two windows that open up as well. Inside these charming small log home kits are plenty of room for a nice sized sofa, or a desk and other furniture.

Logs make for amazing small log homes building materials. Logs are a smart building material choice as the logs act as insulation and can help to repel moisture and keep out the cold during the winter months. Small log home kits built with logs and timbers stand for decades if they are properly taken care of and log cabin designs never need to be repainted, which is a plus because painting can be so expensive and time-consuming. Small log home kits are also a very sustainable way of building. At around $4,500 this small log home kits is certainly not the most expensive little shelter that you will find on the market either. Choosing log homes plans and designs are just the first steps in building your small log cabins designs. Small log home plans are a great way to get the extra space you might be needing, or to simply use as a vacation getaway to relax and spend time with the family. Small log cabins are an ideal way to build small log home plans on a piece of property away from it all, a place where you can create cherished memories with family and friends. You don't need a lot of space for a vacation home; small log cabins have enough room to sleep and stay comfortably.

This is just one of the log homes plans and designs that you will find on the "Buy Log Cabins Direct" site. On this small log cabins and small log homes site, you will find a wide variety of log house designs to choose from. You will find small log home kits; log house designs accessories, fencing, sheds and more. You will find log homes plans and designs in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and designs. Some of the things you can use these small log cabins and small log homes kits for include as a garden office, home gym, summerhouse, additional living space, entertaining, recreational room, log cabin garages, corner log cabins, corner summerhouses, kids cabins and more. *

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