Artificial Wind Tree Uses Micro Turbine Leaves To Generate Electricity

Artificial Wind Tree Uses Micro Turbine Leaves To Generate Electricity

We are beginning to hear talk of microturbines being used around the world to generate energy, but just how is this possible and what are some new and innovative ways that this is being done?

To begin, take a look at this interesting design that has created an artificial wind tree that uses a micro turbine to generate electricity. What is being praised in this circumstance is how the design can integrate into the surroundings of its natural habitat and not make one cringe with the placement of technology among nature. The New Wind, a French company, designed this electricity generating turbine to look like other trees (more or less). The most talked about aspect of this design is how it integrates with nature and blends in, creating harmony to the eye. What is also impressive is that this design apparently functions well with low wind. The cost of each wind tree will run at about 37,000 and are estimated to pay for themselves in 2 years. Production is expected to begin in 2016.

So just how does one work? Microturbines are new technology that uses a combustion turbine to produce both heat and electricity. Their advantages in the energy production industry are that they have a small number of moving parts, low emissions, are small and lightweight and have the ability to use waste fuels as energy as well.

Due to their benefits, this type of technology will likely begin to hold a place in the market, since they are both clean and efficient. A microturbine the size of a refrigerator has an output of around 25kW to 500kW. The basic procedure of how they work are as follows: Fuel (gas, kerosene etc) enters the combustion chamber and the gases of combustion spin a turbine which is connected to an electrical generator. The exhaust transfers heat to the incoming air. The air passes through a compressor and is warmed by the exhaust gases before entering the combustion chamber.

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