Are You Spending Too Much on Bills? Downsize to a Tiny House Now and Stop Worrying

Are You Spending Too Much on Bills? Downsize to a Tiny House Now and Stop Worrying

If you are one of the many people who would love to own your own cabin, or own your own home for that matter, this Quality Park Model Tiny House would make for a great full time home. This home would be the perfect sized recreational property, where you and your family could come to enjoy winter activities, or summer activities. And, it could also make for a wonderful, affordable home for someone who doesn't really care about the size of their home, or wants a smaller home for more financial freedom. This house is beautifully crafted, and looks like it has a lot of space in it, for a smaller home. This home is shown on Tiny House Pins, but was built by Cavco Park Models and Cabins, a company with over 25 years in the business of building cabins and prefabricated wooden home kits.

This home is one of their park models cabins, that can be purchased as a prefabricated kit from their website, as is, or customized to a customers preferences. All of the best things are fit into this nice smaller sized package and show that you don't have to own a mansion to have a beautiful home. The cabin shown here has one bedroom on the main floor of the house, with a loft above, which could act as a second room or an office space, or just for storage. The cabin also has a great sized space for the living room, and a kitchen. The kitchen is a wonderful size for a smaller unit, and has a full sized oven and refrigerator in it, which sometimes, smaller homes don't have. They just use a smaller refrigerator, and a two burner cooking surface, which is ok for one person who doesn't cook too much, but for two people who love to cook, it is not enough. There is one average sized bathroom which is more than enough for this size of space, and it has a nice bath tub in it too.

In this park model there is also enough room for a little dining table that would be perfect for up to maybe 6 people. So this cabin would probably be comfortable enough for a couple to live in full time, maybe with kids, and for four to six people to use as a recreational property. Many retired couples choose to sell their larger homes and get one of these units instead. It gives them more financial freedom to be able to do the things they want to do in life, like travel, and just relax, and not have to worry about money or the upkeep of a home that can get harder over time. All of Cavco's designs seem to be very well thought out, and practical. The fact that they put in a lot of windows is wonderful, as having lots of windows in a small space is a great idea for making the space feel more open and spacious. The little windows at ceiling height and the pot lights in the ceiling add a lot to the space as well.

Most of their prefabricated homes have decks or patios on them as well, which creates even more livable space. The owners can then put an outdoor seating arrangement out there and have it as an extra space to relax and entertain. This company also builds full sized cabins and eco cabins as well, which are all also very beautiful. There is a full portfolio that you can view on their website and Tiny House Pins links you right to their website so you can view more of their beautiful cabins and park models. Prefabricated homes are a wonderful way to go about getting the home you are dreaming of for an affordable price.

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