Are You Planning to Buy a Tiny Home? How about Building One on Your Own?

Are You Planning to Buy a Tiny Home? How about Building One on Your Own?

You will want to take a look at this video of "Garage Tiny House With Water Collection" that took place on beautiful Gabriola Island, British Columbia. It shows the steps from start to finish on building a two storey tiny house with a double garage on the lower level, the second storey has the open living/kitchen/dining space and ocean views. This tiny house has two large cisterns for storing water, a wood stove for heat and an electric shed out back. The tiny house has an upper patio, and a lower covered patio for hanging out away from the rain. The kitchen in the tiny house is from Ikea, and looks really nice and modern. This tiny house is a good example of how you don't need a lot of space to live comfortably. This tiny house video shows the piece of property before it was cleared, and the steps involved in building a tiny house from start to finish.

This site is a great place to look for lots of original and unique tiny homes and small houses. Here you will find 484 Square Foot Modern and Unique Tiny Cabin, Jess & Dans Tiny Home on Wheels: Couple Living Tiny & Mortgage-Free, small mountain cottage, Ethan's tiny house on wheels, tiny rustic house made of reclaimed materials in Portland, Oregon, green zero modular tiny home, Lobster Pod Tiny House, Transforming Furniture: Workbed Flips from Desk to Bed, Simple Living in Tiny Cabin with Bedroom and Porch, 800 Square Foot A-frame Cabin with Deck, Crazy Tiny Cube House in Holland, Romantic Getaway Gypsy Caravan: Guest House or Micro Cabin, Modern Tiny Solar Thoreau Cabin, Treehouse Micro Cabin with Wrap Around Balcony, Tiny Houses on Wheels, Reclaimed Tiny Cabin in the Angeles National Forest, Simple Living in a 900 Square Foot Modern/Rustic Eco Cabin, Tiny Modern Cabin in Australia, CO2 Neutral Solar Powered Shield House in Spain, 1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador Renovation, Tiny Cabin Getaways in Luce, Slovenia, Charming Little Blue Cottage and more.

When it comes to tiny house living there is so much to see and do. Did you know that a tiny house movement is more popular than ever? Living simply and living in a tiny house are great ways to save money, think of all the stuff you don't have to buy to live in your tiny house, and a way to break away from consumerism. There are all sorts of tiny house designs from gingerbread cottages, tiny houses on wheels, treehouses to small cabins that you won't believe how you've lived without one for so long. Tiny houses are cool, and just because you don't have a lot of space doesn't mean your tiny house space can't be great. You might try using some reclaimed wood in your tiny house design, or some unique lighting, It's pretty safe to say that what you might lack for in space you are sure to make up for in design.

Have you ever been to the gulf islands off the coast of British Columbia? If you haven't you might consider taking a trip, they really are some of the most beautiful places you will see. On several of the gulf islands you will find vibrant artist communities with all sorts of unique crafts and art from pottery, photography, painting and sculpture. The islands also have a climate onto itself, and can be compared to the Mediterranean. The islands are also beautiful, with lots of Arbutus trees on many of the islands, views of the ocean where you will often see orca whales and seals swimming by.

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