Are you are looking to downsize? Do you want a unique tiny home?

Are you are looking to downsize? Do you want a unique tiny home?

You'll want to see this adorable "Tiny Beach Cottage with Two Lofts," it's the perfect tiny house. It's easy to see why people all over the country are downsizing to smaller homes, with designs like this that offer both comfort and appeal.

This tiny beach cottage with two lofts is amazing, you'll want to take a look for yourself to see the amazing plan. With two loft bedrooms, you can even comfortably have guests over to stay, or maybe it's a spot for the kids to sleep. The covered patio on this tiny place is beautiful and comfortable, extending the interior space outdoors, making the tiny house seem even larger. This tiny house has a good sized kitchen, with everything you need from oven, stove and a full sized fridge. Inside there is a living room area with couch that extends off through patio doors to the great covered patio. There is a also a washroom in this adorable tiny house.

This tiny house company has over 60 years of combined real estate and construction experience. Tiny Hammock Cottage and Signature Campers combined their talents to build amazing tiny homes and campers. They are a family owned company with unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. There are many reasons to look into tiny house living, maybe you are considering downsizing with a unique tiny home, or it could be that you are tired of staying in hotels and are wanting a place to getaway from it all, or maybe you are looking for a great rental income. This tiny house company could make your dream come true for what a fraction of a traditional home, townhouse, or condo would cost you.

Tiny houses are more popular than ever before with so many designs, sizes, styles and plans to choose from, there is something to suit everyone. Many people make the decision to downsize from their larger sized houses, and large mortgages and live in a small house, this often means people can afford to own their tiny house outright, and have more money to spend on the things that really matter such as travel and hobbies they are passionate about. Some of the different tiny houses available include cobb cottages, micro houses, teardrop campers, travel trailers, cargo trailers, houseboats, house trucks, shipping container homes, yurts, domes, van dwellings, car dwellings, studios, cottages, log cabins, laneway houses, gingerbread cottages, beach shacks, prefab tiny houses, off grid tiny houses, tiny houses on wheels, solar powered tiny houses, wind powered tiny houses, and so much more. Not only do tiny houses cost less than traditional houses, but because they are smaller that means there is less space to fill with expensive stuff. Downsizing to a tiny house makes people reconsider the things they really need in their lives, most of us have more stuff than we need, downsizing is most often an eye opener.

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