Architect's Retreat is an Example of Log Home Construction Master MUST SEE Interior

Architect's Retreat is an Example of Log Home Construction Master MUST SEE Interior

There are so many inspirations for log cabins, with different styles, sizes and designs available. There is something inviting about a rustic log cabin on a lake, the appeal is partly the cosiness one feels, when the fireplace is roaring while you're sitting in front of the fire. You definitely get that feeling when you take a look at the beautiful "Architect's Retreat," lots of wood and stone, in this lovely lakeside setting.

This amazing rustic resort sits on a private lake in Wisconsin, where it has spent 60 years as a fishing camp for a fishing guide, the architect came in and built additional cabins in a

similar style as the original place. With plenty of river rock, timber, log beams and knotty pine, the place retains its rustic charm, yet has a luxurious feeling, with three rustic cabins on a long shoreline, you won't want to leave.The Wade Weissman Architecture website offers an amazing portfolio of modern, rustic and appealing designs, that will leave any viewer in awe. Some of the places to look at include; shingle summer house, Geneva Lake shingle style, Lake Michigan bluff tudor, English Manor, architects retreat, Midwest country house, bayside classical, boat house, interiors, exteriors, details, equestrian estates and commercial (German equestrian estate, pilates studio and camp bar). There certainly is no shortage to the beautiful places this architecture firm can do.

Looking at sites like this is a great way to see a variety of styles and designs that you can incorporate into your own home. Of course hiring an architect is a great way to get exactly what your are looking for, and they will have plenty of ideas to offer, along with any help to questions you might have. Building a home is a huge undertaking, but one that when your home is complete is sure to provide a place you can enjoy for years to come.To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Wade Weissman Architecture" website.

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