Anyone Interested in Efficient and Compact Log Home Design? (Click for Floor Plans.)

Anyone Interested in Efficient and Compact Log Home Design? (Click for Floor Plans.)

When you are looking at small log home plans – The Cedaredge, is just one of the many amazing log home plans that you can look at. Some log homes you look at are big while other log homes are small. But no matter what size the log home plan is, it's the log home layout that counts. You can build a 5,000 square foot log home that may end up having less space that is usable than a 2,000 square foot log home if you don’t pay careful attention to the log home layout. The Cedaredge log home plan is a good example of how a well-designed small log home design can offer what you need. The Cedaredge log home floor plan is a three bedroom log home plan that has two full bathrooms. This log home plan fits into two stories, the first floor having 1,120 square feet, and the second floor having 840 square feet, for a total of 1,960 square feet.

On the first floor of this log home, there is an open concept plan with the kitchen flowing into a dining space and a living room. This log home space feels larger than it is thanks to this open layout and the use of cathedral ceilings in the log home living room that adds height. The bedrooms on the first floor of this log home plan are kept private and separate with a short hallway. It helps to strike the right balance using your hallways. Typically hallways are wasted space, but without them, bedrooms might feel too open to the public living spaces. The hallway in this log home floor plan offers just the right balance.

On the second floor of this log home plan, there is a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and spacious master bathroom. There is also a large loft space that can be used as an extra space for the family. The loft space also has access to an elevated deck, a great place for looking out at the stars at night, and making space feel even lighter and open. A railing runs along the loft keeps the log home space open to the living room below.

The Real Log Style site is a great place to go if you just want to learn some more about log home plans and log home designs, or if you are already a log home owner you can find lots of log home design and decorating ideas. On the site, you will find plenty of log home plans, log home decor and log home design. You will also find log home building tips, log cabins, log home construction, log home design trends, log home entertaining, log home fireplaces, log home maintenance and unique log home projects. There is something about log home living that we will always love. Log home builds have been around for centuries, and they just keep getting better, whether they are rustic and modern, contemporary, rustic or a combination of log home styles. There is something warm and inviting about log cabins that we just can't resist. A log home on the mountain, is just as good as a log home in the country, each unique in its way with log home details that are original to each log home style and build.

Log homes are also a good option when it comes to green living. With so much talk about global warming and climate change, we want to feel better about the building materials we use, with logs being among the best options. Especially logs that are harvested from sustainably managed forests that make your log home build a good choice economically, environmentally and socially. Log homes when combined with good a natural location is one of the best things you can choose to do.

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