Anyone Interested in Affordable, Totally Custom Log Cabins with Turn-Key Delivery?

Anyone Interested in Affordable, Totally Custom Log Cabins with Turn-Key Delivery?

You will be impressed with the Lodge Cabins - No Loft. This small log cabin has 400 square feet, with 320 square feet on the main floor, and an 80-foot storage loft. You will want to take a look inside and see the quality of this charming log cabin build. Trophy Amish Cabins has a wide variety of log cabins to choose from with something to suit whatever you need.Trophy Log cabins have nationwide delivery. They design and build quality log cabins, available in custom log cabin designs with Amish craftsmanship at affordable prices.

The Lodge log cabin is designed for the best use of interior space. You can order just the completed log shell or have the highly skilled Amish craftsman handcraft your dream log cabin. This is a great log cabin floor plan with multiple uses. You can choose to use this log cabin as a bunkhouse, small business, artist studio, backyard office or rental. The trained staff at Trophy log cabins will help you create the log cabin of your dreams, designed to suit your specific lifestyle and needs.The standard log cabin comes with Eastern White Pine D-log walls, treated runners, solid pine rafters, Eastern white pine tongue and groove roof sheathing, cedar gable vent, interior windows, door and Amish door latch in a rich Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar interior with trimmed window. Your Amish log cabin will also come with a 40 year painted tin roof, Sikkens exterior stain and sealer color, and high-resolution shingles. You can order your Amish log cabin as a completed log home shell, or you can add a wide variety of log cabin options.

Some of the log cabin options you can choose from include rough electric wiring with ceiling fan bracket, tie beams, Cedar rafter row D-Log wall, Ridge beam & window sills, Danish oil interior, clear coat floor, or stain & clear coat floor, and screen door. You can also choose log cabin options like a two inch super heavy duty Amish entry door, extra windows, tempered windows, and built in bunk beds (these are quite nice, you will want to take a look on their site). Other log cabin options include roll-out storage drawers beneath the bunk, a changing room with loft above and plenty more. You might also choose a bathroom, kitchenette, cabinetry, matching table and stools, custom counters and layouts, Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar and Maple Butcher block counter top upgrade and air conditioning and heat unit trimmed openings with outlet and Cedar wall vent for stove intake with cedar block off plate. There are several other log cabin options to choose from on their site.

To look at the Lodge log cabin, you initially don't realize just how detailed and the attention to quality you will find on both the exterior and interior of this small log cabin. The Amish have a long tradition of building log cabins and log homes, that has been passed on from one generation to the next. This community lives without a lot of the modern conveniences that most of us live with, do their dedication and passion to their log cabin building process is evident when you take a look at their work. There are many reasons you might consider buying a log cabin. You might want a vacation retreat, a place to get away on weekends and in the summer, or maybe you need a fishing and hunting log cabin. Whatever you need a log cabin for, there is sure to be something on the Trophy log cabin site.

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