Another The Nautilus Seashell Tiny Home

Another The Nautilus Seashell Tiny Home

Most plans for tiny homes that you find on the web are generic rectangular spaces with some quirks and cool features that make them unique, but for the most part they're still very similar to one another. It's rare that you find one that totally blows your mind, but just wait until you see this nautilus seashell tiny home, it will blow you away with how unique and beautiful it is. When you see the pictures of the outside decor, it looks stunning, with rounded spaces and a unique peaked top, and an interesting focal point of a multi-colored glass wall. The design is courtesy of the brilliant Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Orgnica based in Mexico who did a great job at creating a home with unique features that are also incredibly versatile and practical at the same time. While this is considered a tiny home there's still plenty of space to enjoy all your usual family activities.

When you walk in the entrance way and descend the first set of steps, you enter a hobbit like but modern cave sanctuary with lush ferns growing in abundance around a circular seating area to enjoy drinks and food with company. It's set amidst the beautiful glass panes mentioned earlier, that from the inside are reminiscent of stained glass with all sorts of colors radiating in through the house. At the other end past this enchanting area, is the kitchen space which is clean cut and minimal but still breathtaking in its simplicity.

Then there's the awesome seating area for the TV room which looks incredibly comfortable. And last but not least, the perfect feng shui bedroom area to retire for the night after spending the day enjoying your beautiful and earthy surroundings. Of course you'll want to see all the pictures for yourself, so go ahead and find them on the "Tiny House Talk" website by clicking the link below.

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