Another Tesla has a battery that can take your home off-grid, for approx $3,500!

Another Tesla has a battery that can take your home off-grid, for approx $3,500!

Do you ever wish that you could eliminate your pricey electric bill? With the rising cost associated with being connected to a main electrical grid, it is no wonder so many people are searching for alternatives that will either slash their expensive utility bills or get rid of them completely. Tesla Motors, Inc., an American automotive and energy storage company, have come up with a solution: Tesla has a battery that can take your home off-grid, for approx $3,500! This could literally save homeowners thousands of dollars by cheating the system and going off-the-grid.

Off-the-grid (OTG) or off-grid refers mainly to not being connected to a main or national electrical grid, although it can also refer to living self-sufficiently without any reliance on any one or more of the available public utilities. Off-grid homes are considered autonomous; they dont rely on municipal sewer, water supply, electrical power grid or natural gas. A true OTG house can operate completely independently. Although not an entirely new concept, the idea has been recently popularized by off-grid celebrities such as Daryl Hannah, Ed Begley Jr. and Cody Lundin (the latter of whom actually lives in a self-designed passive solar earth house and collects rainwater, composts waste and pays nothing for utilities). Electrical power is usually delivered to our homes via the main grid. Electric companies then charge homeowners a premium for access to these necessary services. But electrical power can be generated on-site via renewable energy sources including solar, wind, hydro and geothermal. These are called stand-alone power systems and either reduce or remove users reliance on the electrical grid. However, going off-grid isnt easy or cheap (at least not up-front, but off-grid systems always save users money long-term) and can be scary to those unfamiliar with the terminology and technology available. Thats where Tesla Motors, Inc. comes in.

Tesla Motors, Inc. has designed a house battery that allows homeowners to take advantage of electric companys lowest rates.' Essentially, this house battery is designed to charge overnight when the utility companys rates are lowest, effectively saving homeowners thousands of dollars by only utilizing the main grid during its cheapest times, rather than at peak times. Tesla Motors, Inc. is also hoping that in addition to these immediate energy cost savings, the house battery will have the capacity to be used to store energy from solar or wind systems. Tesla Motors, Inc.s semi off-grid house battery will give homeowners the opportunity to reap the rewards of off-grid living without moving fully off-grid and having to become completely self-sufficient.

Serbian-American inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist Nikola Tesla, who pursued his ideas of wireless lighting and electricity distribution from the 1890s, would be excited about this new off-the-grid technology produced by Tesla Motors, Inc. This was exactly what the man himself was attempting to achieve. But you should be excited too! This is huge news for anyone who is eco-friendly, tired of paying extremely high electricity bills or even those who just want different options for living off-grid. Whatever your reason, this Tesla-built off-grid house battery will revolutionize the way we think of and deal with electricity.

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