Another Stunning Colorado Mountain Log Home

Another Stunning Colorado Mountain Log Home

Life today often seems to move at breakneck speed. At times you may feel like you're pulled in a dozen directions. Some of us may worry about the stock market, while others fret over whether their favorite basketball team has made the playoffs. With urban sprawl and crawl at an all time high, congestion and long commutes only serve to add to our frustrations. Then, there's the added pressure of being both a highly productive employee(er) and a perfect family member.

It is no wonder why more and more people are moving to the country to get away from it all, the crowds, the congestion and the pressures of everyday life. Sometimes, though just having a getaway home isn't enough either. There certain aspects that can make a mountain getaway all the more enticing and feeling like a sanctuary for you and yours.

When you find a special home and design like this stunning Colorado Mountain Log home you will know what I mean when I say that these special places are truly cherished spots to get away to. They are a sanctuary of sorts. What makes this home so special is in the design. Using handcrafted Swedish cope chinkless designs with Alaskan staggered tail corners, the feel is nothing short of magic. Before you even come inside you will be overwhelmed by the artistry and appreciate the not so small touches like the outdoor stone firepit to host evenings under the stars.

How you were to design your personal retreat is up to you. Think about how you like to relax. Is it reading a book, magazine or newspaper? It is through meditation? Do you unwind by engaging in a hobby, like sewing, knitting, painting, construction models or even trying knots for your annual fishing trip? Does your ideal way of getting away from it all involve soaking in a luxurious bubble bath, being massaged by the gentle jets of a whirlpool tub or having the soothing heat of sauna ease the tension from tired limbs.

To see more of this oasis in the mountains, see the link to the 'Goods Home Design' website below.

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