Another How to Build an Earthbag Dome

Another How to Build an Earthbag Dome

Earthbag Dome constructions are new method of building that to help create structures that are both strong and easy to build. This natural technique came from the historic bunkers built for the military for basic shelter and flood control. The technique is quite simple and only requires you to have basic materials such as heavy duty sacks that are filled with inorganic material such as clay, gravel or other materials. Sand can also bs used. The basic technique is to fill the bags with the inorganic materials and then lay the bags in a circular shape sort of like laying bricks. The walls can either be curved or straight, and the roof can be conventional flat topped or dome shaped. The benefits of rounds and curves in natures is that they have good stability and are easy to build. They are better able to withstand heavy windows and also long term rot on the roofs from moisture.

To make the construction even stronger, it is often recommended that you use barbed wire between the bags to help keep them from slipping. The walls are plastered in the end and have a very neat feel to them. Nowadays many people are now building with bags to create homes, storage and they are also great for non profit due to their ease and cost.

One of the even bigger appeals of this type of building is that they are safe in floods, earthquakes and blasts. You can easily search online for guides and plans that are approved by engineers before you starting construction. To find the heavy duty bags that you need a good place to start looking is farm animal feed stores where they might have some excess in the back.

For very excellent details on this process of building, visit the website below to 'Instructables'.

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