Another A True Cabin In The Woods

Another A True Cabin In The Woods

There are some scenes you just wish you could jump into, and this is definitely one of them! Here is Another A True Cabin In The Woods! There can never be too many beautiful cabins in the woods, unless they were all starting to crowd on top of each other, that would definitely be a line crossed and would take away the purpose of living in a remote cabin tucked away in the forest. I wonder if there actually would be enough land for everyone in Canada, for example, to have their own cabin in the woods.

So many people are overwhelmed with life in the city, with all of the billboards shouting at us to do this, do that, eat this, buy that and look like or be like someone else. All of the pollution and noise that comes from living in the city can really wear a person down if they are not someone who thrives in a city environment. Cities have always been the place to be, since they are where everything is, and where everything is accessible. But is it good for us in mind and spirit?

Living in a place such as this, can take a lot of the pressure of the city life off. It becomes much easier to live in a natural rhythm with your own true self and be in tune with nature and the things that matter in life. It helps us to slow down, and appreciate the simpler things, a bird chirping in a tree, the sound of the rain, dropping on the roof top, the smell of the forest in the early morning. This is what helps us to balance and to rejuvenate.

I love this little cabin nestled in the forest, surrounded by trees. The whole thing is made up of logs, which looks gorgeous, and keeps with the natural essence of being closer to nature. The porch area would be a wonderful place to hang out in the morning, listening to the birds, smelling the fresh forest air. It really does make you want to step into this photo, doesn't it? The perfect getaway from all of the hustle and bustle of modern day life, back to a simpler time, when time moved slower because we enjoyed every moment and were present in it. if you are the owner of this cabin, please let us know and we will be happy to give you a link to your personal website or credit your lovely cabin.

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