Another 5 Perfect Tiny Houses That Beat Any Fancy Big House Youve Ever Seen! I Want To Live In #4.

Another 5 Perfect Tiny Houses That Beat Any Fancy Big House Youve Ever Seen! I Want To Live In #4.

Tiny houses are all the rage. Here are another 5 perfect tiny houses that beat any fancy big house you've ever seen! I want to live in #4! Which would you choose to live in? These 5 tiny houses are all super amazing! They all have a different and unique style of their own, just like the individuals that live in them! Each home definitely has it's own appeal and design and you will see that it is totally possible to live in the house of your dreams without the large price tag. All of these are super affordable, and also eco friendly which is a big bonus!

Vina's Tiny house is just darling, it's small but it has a surprisingly open feel to it. At 140 square feet you would be surprised to see all of the things that fit into her sweet house. A beautiful kitchen with a double square stainless steel sink, a bench sofa and even an office area! The ceilings are nice and high and the windows up near the ceiling provide a lot of light for the space, which also makes it feel larger. I love the blonde wood, this gives a nice light and airy vibe to the house which also opens up the space making it feel larger than it actually is.

Then there is the circular home, #4 which is awesome! Caban Crwn is the name of this one, and that is Welsh for Round Cabin, how appropriate right? The lovely pad is located in Machynlleth, Wales and is a guest house that is available to rent out. The unique round shape is a beautifully done design, I love the circular shape of the walls, so different form conventional housing. The interior is lovely as well. It has a very country, vintage vibe to it, with pieces of decorative paper making a collage on the cabinet and the pillows on the bench sofa being of all different fabrics from the 60s and 70s. I love decor that is recycled and renewed to have a fresh start! There is an awesome little kitchen, and the bedroom is super open so it doesn't feel too crammed while you are sleeping.

All of these houses are brilliantly designed, and gorgeous in their own way. The tiny house movement isn't just about saving money, it's about expression and freedom to do what you truly want, living a life that is your own! Head on over to 'Life Buzz' by following the link in the description below to check out all 5!

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