An Ordinary-Looking Log Home with an Interior Full of Surprises

An Ordinary-Looking Log Home with an Interior Full of Surprises

You will definitely want to see this gorgeous Iberis log home model from Kontio Log Houses. Here is another beautiful, well planned out log home floor plan coming to us from Kontio Log Houses a leading log home package provider with locations and distributors all around the world. With customer service representatives happy and willing to help their customers with anything they need to get a log home project rolling. Having the option to order a log home package online will save the customer so much time and stress. When someone orders a log home kit like this Iberis log home package from Kontio Log Houses, they no longer have to source all of their own materials. This step alone is what takes a lot of the time and energy to build a log home. Log home kit distributors have already gone through all of the work of sourcing the logs, drying them, processing them and hand crafting them to size, so all of the supplies are then able to be sent to your building site. The log homes are constructed in their warehouse faculty and then the log home is disassembled, to be packaged and then delivered to the building site. Depending on what the customer chooses for the construction portion of the log home build, they can either build it themselves, depending on the size or have contractors build it for them. Either way, a log home kit is the most efficient way to go when building a log home.

The Iberis is a beautifully designed log home model. The floor plan is very well thought out and encompasses everything that is needed for a family to live happily in the log home full time. Kontio Log Homes pays close attention to detail and infuses style into all of their log home models, and the Iberis is no exception. This log home is a very stylish and contemporary design that brings the traditional log home style up to date in a unique way. The interesting peaks and dormers on the roof of the house add so much character and charm to the home's design, and the flat panel logs create a more modern look while still infusing all of the natural benefits of logs as a building material. The warm and rich reddish orange tone of the wood mixed with the black and grey accents looks very sharp as well.

The floor plan of the Iberis is also something to be admired. A very open concept design with a large living room that would look perfect with some low profile furniture and oriental rugs. A fireplace is essential in a home like this one, so it is implemented into the corner of the living room space and from there can heat the entire home. The dining room and the kitchen share ample space and would be lovely for entertaining purposes as well as everyday use. There is even a sauna room featured in the floor plans, which makes this log home, even more, desirable. In the photos, you will also notice a unique staircase leading to a basement, which could be a private basement rental suite that could be utilized for additional income. I love how the decor presented in the photos shows how you can infuse a more modern look into a log home. They have kept the design very minimal with clean lines and angles, using mostly white, black and silver as the colour pallet. It looks very chic and is something that most people wouldn't expect upon walking into a log cabin out in the woods. Have a look at this gorgeous log cabin and more on Kontio Log Houses website!

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