An Inexpensive Prefab Home with the Style of an Architect-Designed Villa

An Inexpensive Prefab Home with the Style of an Architect-Designed Villa

If log home living is something that interest you, take a look at this "2 Bedroom Manufactured Log Home" its great design for log home living. This manufactured log home would be great for full time living or for use as a vacation log home. This beautiful log home has a peaked red roof, that goest well with the great look of the logs used in the home. Everything about this home is appealing from the log home design to the great landscaping that surrounds the home. There are plenty of flower gardens around the log home, with hanging baskets from the front patio, and a nice big yard with lots of green grass.

This great log home has a front upper and lower covered patio, that both would serve great for taking a look at the beautiful surrounding forest and just for hanging out and having your morning coffee. There is a sun roof and lots of windows for letting in lots of natural light, and the patios have beautiful log railing that complement the log home well. This two bedroom manufactured log home has enough room to comfortably live or stay, and is sure to be a log home that you would create lots of great memories in.

There is something about log home or log cabin living that brings back fond memories, either of vacations and holidays spent at the family log cabin, or just simply of a family vacation spent in a great location in a log home or log cabin. Typically log homes and log cabins are located close to nature, and that is where they really do look their best. You might find lots of log homes in area that have lots of trees and forest, or close to the lake, mountainside, oceanside or country setting. Log homes and log cabins have been around for thousands of years, and they are sure to be around for thousands more.

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Chances are you've stayed in, or know someone thats stayed in a log home or log cabin. Log homes, log cabins and log chalets have been around for thousands of years, as a popular type of home build in locations around the world. Typically a log home or log cabin is a home that has been built out of logs that are found on the property that they sit. In the past they were a type of home build that made sense as they used what was available on the land. In areas such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Baltic States and Russia, log home construction was the most popular building technique. As these areas have lots of tall and straight coniferous trees, like spruce and pine trees to use. In areas of the world that are warmer and deciduous trees are more readily available, you will find more timber framed homes being built. Log homes and log cabins are still a favorite among home builders, as they offer a type of home that is both durable and comfortable. There is just something about a log home or log cabin built with natural materials that we love. Log homes and log cabins have been around for a long time, and they are sure to be around for a lot longer, only getting better and better.

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