An Inexpensive Prefab Home with the Style of an Architect-Designed Villa (Click for Floor Plan)

An Inexpensive Prefab Home with the Style of an Architect-Designed Villa (Click for Floor Plan)

An Inexpensive Prefab Home with the Style of an Architect-Designed Villa (Click for Floor Plan). This magnificent Vuokko Wooden House is not only an eye-catcher, but its also a very comfortable small house design. At 1,550 square feet, this small house design has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and space to spare all on a single floor. Theres a small, partially-covered front porch as well as a large terrace area thats big enough for your patio table and chairs, so theres plenty of outdoor leisure room as well in this unique small house plans With its three bedrooms, the Vuokko is best-suited for a family with two children.

With these unique small house plans, its very important for you to know that they can be changed. The Vuokko small house design is not written in stone, but only in wood. That means you can tear a wall down or add one if you like. These small designer homes are the best small home plans allowing you to remove, or add any doors or windows to the small house design, and you can also add an extra closet or bathroom if necessity demands it. You have a lot of freedom with these unique small house plans; you can truly make it your own. No matter what you decide, you probably wont want to change the large, floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room. The windows are gorgeous just as they stand, washing the entire room in magnificent natural light. This room is best decorated very simply as the outside view provides you with all of the magic you need. The Vuokko small house design living room space is the perfect spot for a couch and a few comfortable chairs, and perhaps a coffee table in the center. Add a splash of color to set it all off, and you are done. You have elegance, beauty, and grace all in the simplistic nature of this lovely small house design.

Other delightful features of the Vuokko small designer homes are the large open kitchen and dining room areas that are spacious enough to create, serve, and enjoy feast after feast. Theres lots of room for company at the dining room table, in case entertaining is a favourite pastime for you and your family. All of the bedrooms and the two bathrooms in these small designer homes are very thought out, and you will have more than enough storage space here as well. In this small house design, there is a utility room where you can keep your washer and dryer and use as your laundry room. This is ideal if you have kids because you will probably have plenty of laundry to do. Speaking of kids, and especially small children this small house design would be perfect for them as there is only one level.

This listing for the elegant and unique small house plans for the Vuokko small designer homes comes from the "Barretts Bridge Nurseries" website, where they offer a special section devoted to all different kinds of homes and floor plans called House UK. They scan the world and collect all of the best small designer homes and unique small house plans here in one spot, just to facilitate your search. On this small house design site, you can browse through countless listings for high-quality, unique small house plans, the best small home plans, small designer homes, house-building kits, and more. "House UK" is located in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, in England, but the Vuokko Log Home was designed by the architects at Oma Finnlamelli in Alajarvi Finland. Much can be learned from them on their impressive design and building techniques. *

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