An Almost Effortless Way To Clean Your Oven Rack

An Almost Effortless Way To Clean Your Oven Rack

Okay, here it is! The most useful, significant, and enlightening information you have been waiting for your whole life. Yes, its here folks: An Almost Effortless Way To Clean Your Oven Racks! For those of you who have been desperately trying to figure it out, today is your lucky day.

Thats right, no more harsh chemicals, no more scrubbing, no more scraping and no more swearing. As the title says, its almost effortless. Youll have clean oven racks in no time flat! This great little article comes to us from the One Good Thing blog by Jillee Nystul. Jillee has had a very full and rich life so far, and she has recently embarked upon the whole blogging terrain by far, she says, the most fulfilling and challenging endeavour she has ever made. Shes loving it and hopes you are too!

Jillee is not only the creator, author, and photographer of One Good Thing, shes also the author of One Good Life, where she tells the complete story of her life - her successes and failures, her downward spiral into alcoholism and long journey back to sobriety. In this lovely book, she also shares her wisdom, tips, and special recipes just as she does on her blog. In fact, Jillees blog helped her find one good thing at a time as she was reclaiming her life and getting back on track. Its helped her and now thats shes in good form again, shes helping others by sharing her story. And one of those good things is a clean oven rack!

If you want to clean your oven racks, Jillees article can help you. In fact, its not just about oven racks. She can help you clean your whole oven! In an earlier post, she gives you the best tip weve ever heard for cleaning your ovens interior. In fact, it was one wed never even heard before. If you want to clean your oven racks, you should really clean the whole oven first, right? Okay, so well tell you how to do it, then you can clean your oven racks after you read Jillees blog! To easily and properly clean your ovens interior, you need three things according to Jillee! You need boiling water, you need ammonia, and you need time a whole night should do it.

Turn your oven to 150 degrees and boil some water on the stove top. Then, pour one full cup of ammonia into a Pyrex bowl. Once the oven reaches 150 degrees, turn it off! Then put the boiled water on the lower rack of the oven and the bowl of ammonia on the top one and shut the door hurry, dont let the heat out!

Leave this fascinating concoction in the oven overnight! The next morning, take everything out the pot of water and the bowl of ammonia, but dont throw it away. Youre even going to want to take the oven racks out, and thats a good thing because youre going to clean them next, right? Now that you have a completely empty oven, youve got to roll up your sleeves just a little and do some work.

Make sure the oven has had a little bit of time to air out as the ammonia smell can be a bit strong at first. Now get the nylon scrubbie and put on some latex gloves to protect your hands. Then add a bit of dish detergent to your ammonia bowl one to two teaspoons should do the trick. Finally add about a quart of warm water to the mix. Now youre ready to scrub!The grease and baked on debris should start to come off very easily, now that the hot steamy ammonia has helped loosened it up. You should be able to get your whole oven clean in a very short space of time.

And now onward to the oven racks! Once your oven is squeaky clean, your oven racks will be a breeze.

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