America's Best Value in Log Home and Log Cabin Building (Click for Floor Plan)

America's Best Value in Log Home and Log Cabin Building (Click for Floor Plan)

Have a look at the charming Cullowhee II: Square Footage: 1,423. This beautiful and simple log home floor plan has so much to offer, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms over two stories. This log home may not look like a lot from the photo, but the floor plan is very strategically planned out and designed to ensure the maximum potential for the use of the square footage. Included in this fine floor plan is a generously sized kitchen as well as a full sized dining room that could hold a dining room table to seat up to ten or perhaps more people. The living room is also a wonderful size, with enough room for a couch and some over sized chairs, to lounge and relax in style. The living room area also features cathedral ceilings that also have an effect on the grand feeling of the interior of the log home.

In the upper level of this log home, you will see the second bedroom with it's own bathroom. This layout provides excellent advantages for privacy for more than two or three occupants. There is also a small balcony loft space that overlooks the living room area down below on the first level, which also keeps the connection to the lower level creating a continuous flow in the floor plan. The more open a log home floor plan can be, the better. This creates a feeling of expansion rather than contraction in the log home making it feel larger than it is. Even though the floor plan's square footage is only 939 square feet on the main floor and then 484 square feet on the upper level, this log home feels like a much larger home, since the square footage was utilized well.

The Cullowhee II log home comes from a collection of log home models from Blue Ridge Log Cabins. Blue Ridge Log Cabins is a log home company that designs and builds log homes and cabins from their facility in South Carolina. The company started up in 1992 and has grown so quickly over the past twenty years that Inc. Magazine named it one of the fastest-growing private companies. So that says a lot about their company and their ability to provide good service and quality for their customers, as well as being able to be innovative to expand their company. The Blue Ridge Log Cabins company has also been featured on HGTV's show, Best Ever Log Homes as one of the Most Economical Log Home" !

The company prefabricates all of the log homes they build in the controlled environment of their factory, where everything is closely monitored for quality assurance and accuracy. This company has take the best parts of the only options that had been given to prospective log home owners in the past, which were: either to build a custom log home which takes up to a year to source and manufacture all of the materials, and then time to construct, or to have a log home building kit delivered to their property and build it themselves or have it build for them. Blue Ridge Log Cabins integrated both of these options to give people a more efficient way to have their log home or cabin built. They source all of the materials, and they build the log home or cabin right in their own workshop. All of their logs are kiln dried to ensure the least amount of moisture, and they use the full, round log so all of their log cabins and homes have all of the amazing benefits the logs have to offer including high thermal mass and water and insect repellant. Have a look at more of their beautiful log cabins and homes!

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