Always Judge a Log House by How It Looks outside

Always Judge a Log House by How It Looks outside

You will want to take a look at the Log Home 101 gallery of beautiful log home exteriors from across the country. You will find a wide variety of log home designs with covered patios, scenic surroundings, stone chimneys, and gable dormers to suit most any lifestyle and need. Looking through these amazing log home designs will have you dreaming of a log home build in your future. Log cabins have been with us for centuries. The log cabin of the started on the American frontier as a basic shelter, built with the natural materials and tools that were available. A log cabin was a simple solution to the bare necessities at the time. Those primitive hand-hewn log cabins of the American Frontier have come a long way. The log cabins of today combine classic design and tradition with technology and imagination in their log cabin construction. Original Log Cabin Homes computer-assisted log home design and manufacturing process makes it easy for people to create a variety of log homes to suit any style and need.

In the Historic Log Cabin Home collection, you will find all sorts of log cabins that are suited to almost any lifestyle or aesthetic preference. Whether you are looking to build your log cabin yourself, or ready to work with a professional log cabin builder, technical support and detailed instructions from Original Log Cabin Homes can make it easy to get started. When youre ready to begin your make your log home dreams come true, they are ready to help design a log cabin plan for you. All you need is your imagination, and you can get started on the log cabin plan of your dreams. Some of the things we love about log homes are the beauty, simplicity, and quality of natural building materials. The company started in 1987 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina with one simple goal and that was to manufacture the best log houses in the world. With traditional concepts combined with state-of-the-art technology and techniques in all of their log home designs, they brought together the best of old and new in a variety. The log homes they designed were comfortable, affordable, in a variety of designs. Their extensive selection of log homes include something to match almost any budget or taste, and their understanding of the possibilities of log home construction allows them to maximize the beauty, versatility, and energy efficiency of natural logs in each of their Original Log Cabin Homes.

It's no wonder people all over the world dream of owning and living in a log home or log cabin. It's that simple elegance of a log home, the use of natural materials and the locations that log homes are built in that we can't resist. You just feel more relaxed when you stay in a log home, the combination of wood and stone make it a little easier for us to sleep at night. And when you build a log home in a beautiful scenic location, you feel that much more relaxed. When you are in the outdoors, with plenty of fresh air, hiking trails and outdoor activities to do, you can't help but feel relaxed and in your element. Whether you want a log home to live in full time, and start making cherished memories with your family, or you want a log home or log cabin for family vacations and holidays, it's one of the best decisions you will make. There is just something warm and inviting about log home living that we will always love.

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