Alpine Lodge

Alpine Lodge

Amidst all the deadlines, the thesis, and all the other school and work stuff, you need a break. But the question is where? How about the Alpine Lodge in South Tyrol,Italy! This is a tiny house vacation spot that you don't want to miss. It offers everything you need. With breath taking views, internet, and peace and quiet. This fully equipped tiny cabin has it all.

This beautiful tiny cabin is at an elevation of 1,400 m in South Tyrol, Italy. This tiny cabin mountain lodge offers scenic views of alpine meadows, forests, and the jagged edges of the Dolomites. The tiny cabin lodge is composed of two buildings, a main tiny cabin and an adjacent tiny studio sleeping cabin. Both of the tiny cabins were based on the gabled form of traditional structures popular in the region. The tiny cabins were designed with a strong contemporary flair by EM2 Architekten.

The tiny cabin accommodations include two bedrooms and a bathroom in the main cabin, along with another bedroom or hang-out area. There is a second bathroom in the sleeping tiny cabin. The total tiny cabin spaces combined are 1,399 square feet. The interiors of the tiny cabins, like their exteriors are finished with larch. These tiny cabins have a modern, clean feel, that is far from rustic it their design. The all-wood tiny house interiors are characterized by clean and simple lines and a minimalist approach. The built-in furniture inside the tiny cabins is modern and gives a nice feel to the cabins.

Inside the tiny cabins are floor-to-ceiling windows on the ground floor that offer stunning views of the alpine landscape. There is a nice balance between the warmth of the wood interior and the outside landscape. The large windows in the tiny cabins can be secured by sliding and swinging shutters when the tiny home is empty. The upstairs hallway has a small study nook with a built-in desk. Closets inside the rooms serve as partitions between the hallway and the bedroom spaces. To keep the tiny cabin bedroom walls free for furniture, the closet doors were attached on the hallway side. There is also additional storage with drawers built into the bed bases. The rooms have an open feeling.

The nice thing is this alpine tiny cabin is available to stay in. Can you imagine vacationing in a beautiful tiny house like this? Not only is the tiny cabin beautiful, but the views are some of the nicest you will find in the world. Both tiny house buildings have in-floor heat, and the ventilation system inside the tiny cabins use hidden vents. A home-automation system in the tiny cabins controls the heat, air exchange, lighting and even the wood stove. If youre looking for some alpine adventure with scenic views, the tiny cabin lodge is available for vacation rentals through Tamersc Mountain Lodge.

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