All the Comforts of a Log Home in a Pint Size Getaway Shed

All the Comforts of a Log Home in a Pint Size Getaway Shed

This Cedar Shed is the perfect tiny log cabin to use for a variety of things from a backyard garden shed to an artist studio, or writers retreat. You are only limited by your imagination on what you can do. The charming log shed is made of cedar with a standard wood door, metal roof, windows and electrical outlets. You can select the log cabin shed size that you need and prefer. You even get the option of a shingle roof if requested.

On the Handi House site, you will find a wide variety of log cabin designs from a lofted barn, cedar shed, screen room, vinyl sided building, big box Eve and greenhouse log cabin. You will also find log cabins in playhouse styles, customized log houses, double-wide units, and log storage buildings. These tiny log sheds are a great way to get the additional space that you might need around the house. The quality cedar designs are a great way to add some extra space in an affordable and durable log cabin style that will look good wherever they go.

The Handi House cedar log sheds are made at the company's manufacturing facility in Swainsboro, Georgia. They are centrally located so they can distribute the log cabins throughout the Southeast area of the country. Handi House has three different plants on their site in which each produces a different type of log building that allows them to offer the best variety of log sheds to help meet your needs. All the log units are either wood structures made with southern yellow pine that allow them to meet the higher wind zones or their steel stud structures that meet both the 150 mph wind zones required in certain coastal regions of Florida.

With both the wood and steel framing of Handi House log buildings, they can adjust or add additional bracing that is needed for the different wind zones, to meet the engineering requirements of the throughout Florida and other southern states. So you know when you get your log sheds that they will be able to withstand the elements. They also construct their log buildings with a variety of trim packages that enhance the appeal value and aesthetic of each unit. As each log shed is passed through each phase of construction, there are specific inspections that are required to pass the unit to the final phase for a complete pass. After the final inspection, your storage building is ready for shipment to one of their Handi House dealers. Handi House log buildings have been around for almost 50 years, so you know they are reliable and have a reputation to match.

Log homes, log cabins, and log sheds are a great way to add character and space to your existing log home design. With lots of log shed designs, sizes and styles to choose from, some with front porches, others without you will be happy you decided to add some more space. Imagine having a charming barn style shed in your backyard to store all your tools and backyard stuff. Or maybe you've been thinking about having a greenhouse space, where you can start some seedlings in the spring, and extend your growing season, with vegetables and flowers throughout the year. Having a small log shed space in your yard is a great way to destress and enjoy something you love, in a space that is separate from the main house. Who knows you might even love to start a small business space right in your backyard with a tiny log shed used as a backyard office or workspace, the possibilities are endless.

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