A-Frame Vacation Cabin Only Costs $1200 to Build

A-Frame Vacation Cabin Only Costs $1200 to Build

We are all looking to spend less on our accommodations and basically everything in life. With the increase demands to make more money and work longer hours just so we can pay our rent/mortgages, the idea of a cheap and effective tiny home is appealing to more and more people young and old. Those with some building background and who know how to hold and use some basic tools will be the most enthused by this idea because it really is not as hard as it seems! It is a small and tiny house!

The key to actually living in a tiny home is making it super duper handy with all its space and utilities. The best people to talk to and gather ideas from are people who have actually built their own tiny home and figured out exactly how to make it easy to live in so it feels spacious (if that is possible).

This plan shows a cutaway for the bed, sink and a rainwater catcher placement. The plan available in this little guide for sale for under $40 has 11 pages of plan info and 16 pages of full page photos. They are available and made available as a downloadable PDF.

The total cost for this A frame cabin from start to finish is just around $1200. If you are able to get recycled materials then it could be built for under 1000K.

The plans, should you choose to pick up a set, also recommend, and explain, some other versions, or changes that could be made, so as to include more space, a bathroom, a larger loft, an easy addition/extension, and so on.

The size of the cabin's main base is 80 square feet (10 x 8). There is a roof that opens up and the ability to transform one end of the cabin into a porch with a roll down mosquito net to increase the size to about 110 square feet.

The height of this tiny home is around 6 feet 5 inches, with a little top loft that is mainly used for storage or sleeping for a very small person.

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