Adorable Tiny House

Adorable Tiny House

No matter what setting they are placed in, tiny homes are some of the most adorable structures in the world. This Adorable Tiny House definitely has a very quaint and lovable appeal to it, that you just can't find in conventionally built homes. There are so many people out there who are living in tiny houses just like this one, living in more of a traditional way then what is prescribed as the American way. The cabin in this post from Tiny house Listing's Facebook page will inspire you to want one of your very own! You will fall in love with the hobbit like structure and wish you could have one to call home or as a retreat. Homes like this could be made to be for recreational purposes, but they could also be used as an income property or a guest suite, or even as a full time residence if you want to live smaller. I love the whimsy of this little abode, that just makes you feel as though you have stepped back in time.

The thatched roof with the beautiful designs in it, on the edge, really add a little extra something to the house. The little round window is super cute as well, like a little porthole to peek out of. Greenery covers the sides of the house, and the home looks like it is embraced by nature. There is even some moss growing on the roof, and some plants growing in the window sill. The entrance way is inviting, with two natural logs used as pillars, and the path is paved with nice rocks, that give the home a very welcoming feeling.

I for one, absolutely love the nature that surrounds the cabin as well, it just brings about such a calming feeling. Like there is not another care in the world when you are there. The lovely different trees and ferns, the nice hedges in the front of the house and on the sides, the trees that surround the log home, all bring about a feeling of being Home. You can almost hear the fire crackling and smell the intoxicating aroma of the fire wood burning in the fire place. The soft orange glow from the dimmed lights and the soothing fire emanating out through the windows would almost certainly be a warm welcome in from a cold night. Wouldn't you love to live in a house like this? There looks to be plenty of space for a family, with probably at least 3 bedrooms on the top floor. Homes like this are definitely the idilic family home, where the whole family can live out their days relaxing, playing, working and enjoying life. What a gorgeous home to live in , or even visit for a vacation. Can you picture yourself here?

I imagine it to be located somewhere in the English countryside, somewhere far away from the city. The type of home looks to be that old Victorian style type of home that you can see in Europe and different parts of the United States and Canada. There were actually some houses like this that are in Victoria, in Canada. They have a very special appearance and a whimsy that you cannot forget. People don't really build houses like this any more, but there are some people who still do. People who love things that are traditional, and like to keep some of that old nostalgia alive. This home would even be fun to just visit for a day and get a chance to look around inside it. I wonder if the inside is as traditional as the outside, maybe with a wood burning stove and rustic furniture. The pots and pans hanging on the wall. One can always imagine!

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