Adorable Little $21k Log Cabin Kit! So CUTE Inside!

Adorable Little $21k Log Cabin Kit! So CUTE Inside!

Here we have an Adorable Little $21k Log Cabin Kit! So CUTE Inside! This cabin kit comes from the great Coventry Log Homes site that ships their cabin kits all over North America. This 392 square foot cozy cabin has everything you need and more! With a beautiful cathedral ceiling, you definitely can see in the photos that its not as small inside as it looks like it is from the outside. The windows are nice a large, allowing a lot of great sun light in, which is so important in these smaller spaces. Apparently it can sleep up to 6 people according to the website and I can believe it since there is one bedroom plus a loft, and if you had a futon or fold out couch in the living room you could definitely sleep 6 people in there.

There is a nice sized kitchen too, and a bathroom area, a nice sized porch out the front door off of the living room. For only $23,800 this kit could be yours and up and ready to be lived in, in a very short period of time depending on how much help you had. It would be a great cabin for the lake or even a great little home for a couple or a small family. But you have to check with your residential building codes to find out what can be approved in your area.

These log cabin kits are an awesome way to get the cabin you want for not a lot of money, its the perfect place for the family to spend the summer and really doesn't need to be overly fancy. Head over to Coventry Log Homes by following the link in the description below for more on this adorable cabin kit and many others like it!

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