Adam Rasmussen’s Tiny Two-fer House Design

Adam Rasmussen’s Tiny Two-fer House Design

You'll want to see "Adam Rasmussen’s Tiny Two-fer House Design," he's sharing his amazing tiny two-fer design as part of the 2015 8 by 12 tiny house design contest. The design is a great example of what you can do with tiny house spaces.

This tiny two-fer house design is just like the name indicates, there are two amazing tiny houses to see! The tiny house does a great job at incorporating the outdoor space in its design. You'll want to see Adam's simple yet incredible tiny house design and re share it with all your tiny house friends. Each area in this tiny house has a name from the Eatery, which is the kitchen area, to the Bare All area with the private outdoor shower and compost toilet, to the Shut Eye area with the lofted and hide a bed, and then the outdoor patio area which is appropriately called the Mingle. This tiny two-fer house design uses great colors on both exteriors from the blue green of the Eatery, to the deep red of the Shut Eye. The outdoor patio and privacy walls have a nice weathered wood look, the Eatery kitchen cabinets are white. This innovative design is what makes tiny house living so amazing, each design is always unique and goes above and beyond what you would expect a tiny house to be.

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There are many reasons people consider downsizing to tiny houses, for many it's all about affordability, smaller utility bills, smaller mortgage, less stuff to buy for a smaller space. Quite often when people downsize from their large sized traditional homes, they are able to own their small home outright, this is an amazing thing, giving people more money to spend on the things that they want, such as travel, hobbies and passions. For people retiring it is a great way to downsize to a smaller home, on their terms, being able to have a retirement life that they choose, and having the money to do it. For others tiny homes make great backyard office spaces, guest houses, or tiny house vacation homes or getaways. A tiny house vacation home is the perfect place to spend holidays, and time away from the city in a space that offers everything you need, without the huge price tag that larger vacation homes have.

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