A Tough, Rustic Cabin with the Flavor of Alaskan Wilderness (Click for Floor Plan)

A Tough, Rustic Cabin with the Flavor of Alaskan Wilderness (Click for Floor Plan)

You will love the rustic appeal of another The Yukon model log cabin. This log cabin floor plan comes from the Alaska Edition High Adventures Cabins, from Original Log Cabins. This rustic log cabin plan is just 704 square feet, the perfect size for having a home away from home. This log cabin has everything you need on two floors. With an open living room/kitchen space, two bedrooms and a bathroom on the main floor. Upstairs there is a loft that opens to below. This log cabin also has a front porch to sit outside and enjoy the view. This series of log cabins are made to be highly energy efficient, with the toughest weather conditions of the north country of Alaska in mind. These tough log cabins can be built anywhere in the country, and will withstand whatever nature throws at them. The log cabins are built with superior building materials that you will find are suitable for any building environment. This log cabin is just the thing you need, whether its a small cabin in the woods or a more permanent full-time residence, this log cabins floorplan can be modified to suit your needs, tastes, and lifestyle.

Original Log Homes are now officially a Certified Green Dealer as a log home manufacturer. This is something the log home company should be proud of, especially these days when there is so much talk about climate change and global warming. The company achieved this status when their staff participated in a voluntary educational training program that tests on good green building techniques and green product choices. While log homes already are considered a green build, because logs are a natural, renewable resource the fact that not only are logs beautiful, but they also provide a certain strength that is combined with superior energy efficiency and durability. For many years, Original Log Cabin Homes has been committed to protecting the environment and the bountiful American forest resources. They support reforestation programs through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. With their dedicated partners, they help to plant over 1.5 billion seedlings in the United States each year.

When it comes to building a log home, there are several things you need to know to get started. You will have to figure out who is going to build your log home, how much your log home is going to cost, and where you are going to build it, and who is going to finance your log home. Once you know all of the details you can start to make your log home project happen. The budget of your log home build will probably be one of the most important considerations when you are starting out, when you know how much you can comfortably afford, you can then start looking at log home designs and where you are going to build. Building a log home is quite an adventure with several steps to make your log home dream come true. The actual log home design will have to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs. You will have to think about things like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and floors. The land that you are going to build your log home is one of the most exciting choices you will make. There is also a lot to think about when looking for potential pieces of land. You will want to use a professional Realtor so that any hidden problems can be uncovered. You also want to know if you can build on the land, and what permits are needed.

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