The tiny house movement has certainly gained momentum over the years, with all sorts of tiny houses to include cob cottages, yurts, gingerbread cottages, domes, micro houses, teardrop campers, RV's, houseboats, straw bale houses and motorhomes. "A TINY HOUSE DESIGNED FOR SELF-REFLECTION," is an interesting small space that started off as a school project, but is sure to inspire many tiny house builders.

Allergutendinge principals Matthias Druger, Manuel Rauwolf and Ulrik Wentzel designed and built this tiny meditative retreat as a project while the men were students at Bauhaus University in Germany. The project was called "Seelenkiste," which translates roughly as "Sprit Shelter." They tiny house design was built as a place to study, contemplation and self discovery through meditation and introspection. The split level tiny house design, has a bed at mid height, between the ground floor living space and the study space room above. The front of the tiny house, folds down to become a deck, and the roof can be opened to extend the space outdoors. There is lots of wood used throughout the tiny house, lots of storage and lots of photos to take a look at this unique tiny house.

This tiny house web site is an excellent resource for all your tiny house, small house and micro house questions and inquiries. There are plenty of small house plans for sale on the site, along with Victorian Gingerbread cottages to minimalist Japanese houses, rustic cabins to modernist models of efficiency, hand crafted cob cottages to factory built prefabs, small vacation homes, shotgun houses, accessory dwelling units, converted container homes, beach shacks and more. The website showcases well designed and interesting small house and spaces, with ideas for planning and organizing your own small house.

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