A Tiny Farm Cottage with Loft So Livable at Only 160SQFT

A Tiny Farm Cottage with Loft So Livable at Only 160SQFT

Based in an area of Stockholm, Sweden, this tiny farm cottage with loft measuring 160 sq. ft. is going to surprise you and inspire you at the same time. It is perfect for those who are living alone, or as a couple. It is small but the idea placed in it is huge. The design is astounding and it is always something that you would look forward to go home to if you live in here. It is very cozy and intimate. It could be a great first home for newlyweds. It is fully functional, so don't be fooled on how small it is.

You will find here a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom and even a laundry area. What we love most here is the shower area. The tiles were intricately designed and it looks really neat and posh. The outside of the loft looks ordinary, but once you get inside, you will think that it is a hotel! The features of this loft are so amazing that if you are there for a vacation, you might not want to go back home anymore. A brilliant idea on the side is that if you have a loft like this to offer online, you can actually use it for B&B rentals.

If you are not familiar with the concept of B&B rentals, it is simply allowing other people rent your place for a short amount of time, basically a Bed & Breakfast business that has even becomes a lucrative business for many people! Tiny houses like this have a lot of potential for business purposes. You can integrate this design in your own space or you can hire a company to do this design for you. Lots of companies are offering that type of service now. Go on and check the Tiny House Talk website below and see more information about this cute little loft.

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