A Tiny Family House with a Sweet Little Interior Space

A Tiny Family House with a Sweet Little Interior Space

When I picture a tiny house, I picture a cozy, quaint little home barely big enough for two people to coexist peacefully. Usually I picture a retired couple or a young couple with no children; people who want to live quietly and simply. What I do not picture is a family of four living in a home that is less than 205 square meters, but that is exactly the reality of this Beautiful Tiny House for a Family. This is one of those must see to believe tiny homes.

Ditching a traditional-sized house means you have to become a master of organization, always looking for clever ways to keep the items that you use every day accessible while remaining out of the way. What most tiny homes lack in square footage they make up for in charm and unique storage solutions. Take this tiny home, which houses a family of four, for example. The downstairs holds most of the necessities: a common living area, a bright kitchen and a small but functional bathroom. The upstairs simply holds two bedrooms: one for mom and dad and the other is for two young sisters.

Like most tiny homes, this family has had to be inventive in order to de-clutter their home. Upon entering the tiny house there is a very small closet which is home for shoes and jackets (with room for one pair each!). There are multiple shelves in various spaces, such as the common area and the bedrooms, to hold just about everything from toys to books to clothes. Instead of a traditional fridge, the kitchen holds a smaller apartment-sized fridge-freezer. Rather than a stove-oven, there is a two-burner stove and a toaster oven. These are the decisions that families who live in tiny homes have to make. It is often a choice between luxury and necessity. Often every inch of wall space is utilized in a tiny home and that usually means multiple levels of shelving and hooks on which to hang things. With limited counter space, tiny home owners need to be much more creative in their approach to tasks we take for granted, like putting away dishes and cooking utensils.

What is unique about this tiny home is that it started its life as a trailer house on wheels and became converted into a freestanding permanent dwelling. The original tiny home was built by the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company out of Sonoma, California. They design and build small to tiny homes between 65 and 887 square feet, many of which are stick-built homes permanently attached to trailers for mobility and ease of movement. Tumbleweed homes are available to be purchased ready-made and shipped to consumers. They are individually manufactured and customized for each of their buyers. The company also offers construction plans for their mobile mini homes.

The Tumbleweed Tiny House Company is part of the small house movement (also referred to as the tiny house movement, if the size of the house is under 400 square feet), which is a social and architectural movement that advocates living simply in small homes. Tumbleweed got its start in 2002, but the tiny house movement has actually been an ongoing topic for discussion since the time of Henry David Thoreau, who published Walden in 1854. (Walden was a transcendentalist novel and is a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings.)

So, whether you want to live simply or teach yourself how to de-clutter and downsize, chances are there is a perfect tiny home for you out there, just like there was for the family of four!