A Surprisingly Cheap & Amazing Custom Cabin Kit

A Surprisingly Cheap & Amazing Custom Cabin Kit

Are you in the market for a Cabin? Are you thinking about getting a kit and doing it yourself? Have you found a company with the kit you are wanting and got your budget decided upon? The cabin we are featuring in this article in constructed from 2"x6" untreated, kiln-dried lodgepole pine. The size is 14ft x 16ft and offers a roomy studio type of structure. The roof is metal Deck-Tile 26gauge.

When you order this kit, you will receive the doors, windows and roof panels in a pre-constructed format, so they are sized, built and ready for installation. The wall pieces are made of pre-cut lumber, but you build the walls by alternately stacking and fitting the pre-cut pieces together.

This kit also includes one full glass aluminum door. There are four vinyl windows that come with screens. You also get the materials for a 4ft.overhang and a very cute set of porch railings are at the ready for you to put together. This cabin has a 5ft x 10ft loft, so they include the ladder to the loft and the materials for it.

Not only that, you have a choice of your roof color. They have six colors to make your selection from. You leave the space open or customize and add a 5ft x5ft interior room. If you opt for the interior room, the package will include 2"x2" furring strips with 1"x6" tongue and groove v-joint pine to build those interior walls.

This is sold as a cabin kit only, and you will have to consider the plumbing and electrical if you are planning for that in any way. The cost for this kit is $12,517. These cabins go together easily and can be shipped most anywhere. The company also offers pre-build cabin kits that can be completed to the stage of offering plumbing and electricity.

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