A Supremely Designed Barn Home That Makes You Feel Like Living inside a Church

A Supremely Designed Barn Home That Makes You Feel Like Living inside a Church

This sandy barn with living quarters is a good example of what barn home living is all about. This custom timber framed 60-foot apartment barn features some beautiful details that make this apartment barn unique. From its 16-foot eaves that accommodate 12 by 14-foot swinging garage doors, to the custom copper wainscotting on the exterior that accentuates the beautiful cedar batten and board siding. The custom swinging garage door on the barn allows for a large RV and truck to be comfortably parked inside. This apartment barn is located in Sandy, Oregon, which is one mile away from the DC Builders headquarters. This apartment barn was a good opportunity to showcase the quality work they've been doing all over the country in their hometown. The apartment barn is a heavy timber post and beam construction which best suited the owner, and her tastes. Inside and outside you will find lots of personalized details, which make the apartment barn her own. From the upper patio to the custom cupola, and custom finishes by local artisans.

The big door that houses the RV has a warm residential feel to it. You will also find that warm feel inside with all the wood used in the build. When you look up at the high ceiling inside you almost get the feel that you are inside a church, it is that beautiful. Inside the antique bronze standing seam metal roof was installed over R-15 rigid foam hunter panels to give it that beautiful feel. Inside there is also a custom log spiral staircase that has a rod iron handrail that leads up to the finished loft with a 12 by 12-foot covered deck and wet bar. DC Builders built two Nantucket shed dormers and a custom cupola to break up the roof line of the barn. The interior walls were finished with reclaimed cedar vertical boards. The interior floor is done with stained concrete. A custom stain job and classic gooseneck barn lighting bring the whole barn together.DC Building is a designer and general contractor who travels the country building custom, quality, all-wood barns. Their high-quality barns are loved by their customers and their neighbors. These custom built barns add value to your property for generations to come.DC Builders strive on maintaining a building schedule that works for you, to make sure your timber frame barn is built in the time that is discussed. They work together with each client to design their barn build, from the layout of the barn on the property, to the floor plan, to the final finishes, DC Building has the experience needed to turn your barn dream into reality.

When it comes to building a barn, there are all sorts of details that you might want to add. Some of the barns feature you will hear about include Monitor barns. These are also known as raised center aisle or RCA barns. These barns feature a raised center section that has its gabled roof. The sides of the raised center aisle are often filled with windows to improve the ventilation of the barn structure and increase the amount of natural light inside. Gambrel barns feature two different roof pitches, one steep and one shallow. Dutch doors are another popular feature. These doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top half to be opened while the bottom half remains closed. These are a common addition to horse stalls; allowing light and ventilation into a room while keeping the animals inside.

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