A State-Of-The-Art House That Makes the Desert a Desirable Place to Live

A State-Of-The-Art House That Makes the Desert a Desirable Place to Live

Imagine a desert tiny home with a wraparound view, heated and protected by the sand. Studio Aiko has created just this very thing with the Desert Villa design and with its fascinating postmodern architecture, it looks like something right out of a science fiction movie! Studio Aiko created The Desert Villa to fit right into the desert landscape and literally become a part of it. rafted with sandstone, concrete, and glass, its so well camouflaged, you probably wont even see it until youre just about ready to trip over it. Its literally built into the sand with only one full side facing out while the other three are deeply embedded in the sand. This allows for the sand to keep the tiny home nice and warm at night (and in the cooler months), as well as keep it cool in the daytime (and in the summer months). This is a very beautiful, elegant design that is also very warm, inviting, and cozy.

The Desert Villa design comes in three different styles. This could be a difficult choice or an easy one, depending on what your tastes are. The first version of this gorgeous tiny house has a beautiful, sloped wavy roof as well as a full concrete patio where you can lounge in the sunshine or look up at the stars at night. There is a circular hole or void space cut into the roof, just inside the entryway this allows for excess heat to easily escape if need be. On a sunny day, it also allows for extra sun to come in.

The second version of the Desert Villa has a very special indoor seating area where you can sit and look out over the desert landscape. The beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows follow the curve of the roof, offering a gorgeously undulating wall of glass to peer out of. In the center of the living room area there is a fireplace, just in case the warm sand isnt quite enough to heat the place on those colder desert nights. Beyond the fireplace is a sweet little dining area. Just imagine, you can sit here with you family, friends, and loved ones and enjoy a lovely meal while watching the desert scenes unfold all around you. Dare to dream this micro home is almost like a surreal Dali painting come to life.

The third version of the Desert Villa design is a more linear design it does not have the curved roof, but a straight-lined one instead. This version has three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows where you can watch the desert dramas unfolding at every turn, feeling almost as though you are a part of the rolling sandscape yourself. For this version of the desert micro home, youve got a gridded heat release system over the front covered deck. Slats are cut into the roof rather than a round void space, but the concept is the same. All three of the Desert Villa styles use sand as the key regulator of temperature as well as slats or holes to release extra desert heat during the daytime. Whether you prefer the curvy roof or the straight-edged one, youve got to admit they are all pretty darned amazing though, right?

Created in 2005 by Yair Alony and Meny Hilsenrad, Studio Aiko is still going strong! Studio Aiko, believe it or not, is primarily an animation company which makes sense when you see their very unique and surreal-looking architectural designs. Expanding their repertoire from television and marketing to include visionary architecture was just a very natural progression. Studio Aikos architectural projects involve both interior/exterior 3D animated-visualizations that are very realistic! If youre looking for a tiny home thats as efficient and functional as it is attractive, you might want to consider them.

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