A Small White House In The Woods of Sweden

A Small White House In The Woods of Sweden

This is a small white house In the woods of Sweden, and it is exactly as you would imagine Swedish style to be. The stunning tiny house design is pure white inside and out. It has a cozy atmosphere along with earthly colours. The living room in this tiny house is surprisingly dreamy for a start. The kitchen has grey cabinets and modern appliances. The lighting fixtures in the tiny house are simple and modern. The entire house looks perfect and would be a great place to spend some time even for a short amount of time. The modern wood stove makes the tiny house space feel cozy and inviting.

This is the perfect tiny house to use as a vacation home. Surrounded by forest, you would want to go for hikes, walks and exploring. It is a great place to get some fresh air and relax. The use of white throughout is such a refreshing and nice way to decorated a tiny space, it makes it feel so spacious. This tiny house has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen/dining area, and living room to enjoy. Outside there is a nice outdoor covered patio to get some fresh air and enjoy your morning coffee. Everything in this tiny house design is white. From the walls, floor, ceiling, tables, couch, kitchen table and storage. The natural accessories compliment the white.

The quality and beauty of Swedish design is well-known, but still each and every design continues to amaze us. This 613 square foot tiny house can be found in the Swedish woods and it is beautiful. The tiny house has a single floor plan and a very clean and neat style. It was built in 1975, but redesigned recently and it features two bedrooms and one bathroom. The view from the house is lovely and the furnished outdoor covered porch looks very cozy and is ideal for moments of relaxation. The kitchen in this tiny house is decorated in a simple but modern way and the lighting systems used are perfect for a late dinner or snack.

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After a long week at work, have you ever had the urge to go out of town and breathe some fresh air? Where would it be? It could be near a sea, tea garden, hill or any urban area surrounded with natural beauty and considered as a good escape route. A tiny house vacation is a good way to recharge and make ourselves feel rejuvenated, in order to regain concentration and a pleasant feeling when you get back to work. Everyone needs a little time away now and again, it is a good way to be more productive when you get back.

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