A Simple 16x20 Cabin with Awesome Must See Floor Plan

A Simple 16x20 Cabin with Awesome Must See Floor Plan

This is A Simple 16x20 Cabin with Awesome Must See Floor Plan, from Drummond House Plans. Drummond House Plans is an online business that features tiny cabin designs for sale. A mini house like the one you see in the photo could be built using the tiny cabin designs and blueprints that can be purchased from the company's website. This plan is called Wodwinds house plan and the floor plan is quite charming. For a mini house, this floor plan actually has a lot of space inside of it and all of the rooms are designed in a way that makes everything fit perfectly in the 320 square feet of space. 320 square feet isn't too small for a mini house, and they can be a lot smaller. For example, a tiny house on wheels can be as little as 40 square feet with just enough room for a bed and for a person or two. The Wodwinds floor plan from Drummond House Plans has one bedroom as well as a bathroom and enough room for a living room and kitchen shared space at the front of the house. The website estimates the average construction cost to be somewhere between $24,000 and $30,000.

There are also cabin kits for sale on the internet that can be very helpful when it comes to building a tiny cabin. With the cabin kits for sale online, you can purchase a package that includes everything in it that will be needed to build the tiny cabin. Usually you can order a few different types of packages from companies offering log cabin kits. You can order just the logs or panels to build the cabin, or you can order just the exterior shell of the cabin which doesn't include inside walls or anything. A complete building package is usually the way to go and is the most popular choice people make when they are building their own log cabin. The complete package will usually come with all of the doors and windows that are shown in the model featured on the cabin kit website. But, if you are choosing to build your own mini house or cabin with materials you source on your own, buying the plans from a website like Drummond is a great idea. The building plans for a home are one of the most crucial aspects of the building project. When the plans are drawn up professionally, you will be able to have the correct plans to take to city hall in your city to get the proper permits to build the home. Usually a mini house like this one could be considered an Accessory Dwelling Unit, and usually they don't need a permit to build as they are not very large at all. Always be sure to check with your local building regulations for any permits you might need first.

Drummond supplies you with all of the blueprints and CAD drawings of the home's floor plan which makes the house easy to buy materials for and to built. The company will also provide a building materials list if the client chooses which will have a detailed list of all of the materials that will be needed to build the home or cabin. So if you are thinking of building your own small house or cabin, then looking at the plans on the Drummond website will be sure to help you to narrow down what you want. Determining what you need in the floor plan of your home can sometimes be difficult especially with all of the awesome floor plans and designs out there. But looking through the ones on the website should help you to narrow it down to a plan that will suit you and your family perfectly.*

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