A Retired Mathematician Found An 1830s Cabin In The Woods. What He Did With It Is Perfection

A Retired Mathematician Found An 1830s Cabin In The Woods. What He Did With It Is Perfection

A retired mathematician walks into an old cabin from the 1830’s. Sounds like the opening of a joke, right? It could be, except that it actually happened and that the results are nothing less than perfection.

It happened like any other love story. The cabin found was old, abandoned and rotting. Others would have deemed it hopeless and uninhabitable but not this guy. This guy took one look at it and decided that what it needed was the ultimate overhaul. And so he carefully and meticulously went about the task, gave it the tender loving care it practically needed and not only completely but beautifully restored it.

Much of the cabin was decaying, so our Mathematician friend carefully labeled all the pieces and parts of the cabin and transported as much of it as possible to the family's property. The foundation, which was mostly intact, is now situated on the family's land

The construction of the fireplace was important as it was the main source of heat and stabilizing temperature and after a long time of being left alone and not being used, it's now a gorgeous fireplace complete with wood pile, ready for those incoming cold winter nights. Needless to say, a cabin is not complete without a warm and natural light flowing through and of course, those aspects were easily taken care of.

And what could possibly be the most gorgeous set of stairs known to man but the artwork poured into this one. Gorgeous wood beams. And just imagine a cozy spot for sleeping and relaxing. Just imagine the cozy nights spent inside this cabin. A gorgeous cabin that combines the 1830s with the modern times.

It took a 10-year restoration process and that’s quite a long period actually but the results were more than worth it.

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