A Playfully Modern Tiny Home on Wheels

A Playfully Modern Tiny Home on Wheels

The internet is an excellent place to take a look at all the wonderful tiny house and small house designs that are available, with tiny homes to look at all over the world. "A Playfully Modern Tiny Home on Wheels," is just one example of a cute tiny house design for sale in Utopia, Ontario, Canada.

This modern and minimalist tin house is 22 feet long, built on a road ready flatbed trailer with two 5000 pound rated axles, the total weight of the house and trailer combined is 8,400 pounds. The tiny house has a rain screen with ProClima Solitex membrane, small windows and skylights, with panorama windows, a 30 amp RV power hookup with standard 15 amp option, stained exterior grade plywood, open joint cedar cladding, 100 foot drinking water safe hose, 150 foot ethernet cable, LED puck and rope lighting, ERV air exchanger in loft, bathroom with composting toilet that gets two buckets and sawdust compartment along with upper cabinet with shelves, sliding barn door style mirrored bathroom door, galvalume counter and table top, covered deck, hammock floor (between loft sides), medium sized fridge), brevet smart convection oven, 1500 watt portable heater, induction hot plate.

The tiny house also has roll out storage under the stairs, custom laminated plywood desk and chairs, folding table that hooks by climbing rope to the ceiling, built in couch with upholstered cushions, queen size bed headboard and mattress, and so much more. This house was built with love and now it could be yours. The modern design and exterior color look great, and inside the tiny house feels spacious. There are a lot of photos on the site, along with more details of this great tiny house design for sale.

To read more about this subject, visit the "Tiny House Listings," website.

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