A Place Mork from Ork Would Feel at Home

A Place Mork from Ork Would Feel at Home

In case you are still not aware, but I beleive it is safe to say that we are currently living in the future. Yes, we are in the era that was once just imagined by filmmakers who created Back To The Future, Wall-E and the 70's sitcom Mork and Mindy. To prove that, allow us to share with you this type of shelter that will convince you to also conclude that indeed, you are already experiencing the future.

Today, we would like to feature these egg-shaped capsules that is surprisingly livable despite its small size. They were designed by Yoon Space + Song Pyung, a studio and design company based in Korea. These uniquely shaped pods are called Albang and can be seen on Seoul's Ocean Beach. The designers intended that its interiors are empty, because this makes them different from the usual ambiance that hotels and tents are offering. It is definitely not something you would say is typical and you will assuredly have a unique experience staying in one of these capsules.

Since it is small and made of lightweight materials, these pods can be transported from one place to another. It is made mostly of expanded polystyrene, so that makes them moldable.

Its exterior finish is made of extruded polystyrene and so is its interior. It may not be perfect to make it look good, but this material makes these pods functional and efficient. You dont have to worry about getting air while in it because the designers created a couple small windows that will also allow you see the gorgeous view outside. All the Albang pods have the same shape and size, they only differ when it comes to the color of their doors and the surface of their interiors.

To know more about these futuristic capsules, check out the website Humble Homes below.

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