A Nice, Modest Log Home That Can Suit Anyone's Needs (Click to View Floor Plan)

A Nice, Modest Log Home That Can Suit Anyone's Needs (Click to View Floor Plan)

When looking at log homes, there are so many amazing designs to choose from, and they are all stunning and interesting in their own way. Check out this Shawnee Log Home Plan from Honest Abe Log Homes. Building your own log home from scratch is a great way to get the home of your dreams. It is a project where you can be allowed to have some creative freedom, and you can tailor the design to your preferences and what will work the best for your family. The plan, of course, is one of the most important aspects of a log home build. When you start with a plan that you are settled on, and have a sureness of where you would like everything to be in the home, then the building process can move very smoothly without too many problems. You can get someone to draw you up some original plans, or you can use ones like this Shawnee Log Home Plan from a provider like Honest Abe Log Homes, that was found through My Wood Home.

This particular log home plan, called the Shawnee, is a decent size at 1572 square feet. This makes for a nice, modest home or recreational log cabin that could suit a variety of needs. The design seems to work so very well in this space, with everything revolving around a central focus. At times, a design can feel somewhat cluttered, especially in a smaller log home like this, but this one feels well planned out and has a nice open design to it. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are plenty of space for a family of four people, and the layout is spread out over one floor, making it great for people who don't want stairs to have to climb all of the time. The master bedroom has a great sized bathroom attached to it, with room for a double sink vanity, a stand-up shower and a full sized bathtub, as well as the toilet of course. The other two bedrooms share a bathroom that is an adequate size as well. The fireplace is at the centre of the log home, which is the perfect place for it so that it can heat the entire house efficiently.

The log home's entrance would be into the living room, which is a nice place to enter into the home since the living room is like the heart of the home. The kitchen is on the other side of the stairs that lead down to the basement if there was one built under the house. Otherwise, it could just be a single level house. The kitchen and dining room lead out onto the back deck, which would be great for using as an outdoor dining space in the warmer months. The windows as planned in the log home floor plan are wonderfully placed to fill the home with lots of natural light. Usually, the floor plan can be tweaked a little here and there, so that the client gets the perfect house they are looking for.

Log cabins are definitely worth every penny. When you think about how much work goes into handcrafting the logs that come from a sustainable tree plantation, and how much work it is to fashion them all to size and perfect cut. Then there are other aspects like the delivery. They are also a very valuable type of housing because of how strong and sturdy they are, and they are extremely resilient to the elements, which is very important when you live in a place that goes through all four seasons. Logs have a very high insulation rating, making them perfect for colder winters, and keeping in all of the warm air. Honest Abe Log Homes also offers log home building packages as well as their log home plans. Check out the Shawnee Log home plan on the My Wood Home website.

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