A Mixture of a Cottage, Log Cabin and Barn (Click to View Floor Plan)

A Mixture of a Cottage, Log Cabin and Barn (Click to View Floor Plan)

What an amazing deal for this log home building package for the Ashley Log cabin design from Coventry Log Homes. This is a beautiful and simple log home design that could suit any family or individual that wants a traditional log cabin design. You can view all of the details on the Coventry Log Homes website, where you can find many other log home building packages that they supply. Coventry Log Homes supplies these home building packages from their headquarters in Woodsville, New Hampshire. The Ashley log home design's 6 foot by 8-foot complete package starts out at $70,650. The 8 foot by 8-foot complete package starts at $76,350.They also give the option of purchasing just the logs for the cabin for $40,300 or the shell of the home, which doesn't include any interior materials for $60,650.

Everything that is needed to build the log cabin is included in their awesome log cabin packages. To get a better idea of what exactly is included in a log home building package here are some of the things to expect from this company. Keep in mind that different companies will vary in regards to what materials are supplied in their log home building packages. The log home packages from Coventry Log Homes will include the floor system including the floor joists, subfloor and tongue and groove pine flooring. The wall building system, including the D-shaped pre-cut logs, the caulking and spray foam for filling in the spaces in between logs and the corner spaces. To create a tight seal for the highest insulation. The loft system, the interior wall system, the interior and exterior doors, as well as the roof system, is also included in the package, as well as the roof of the log home would be a green metal roof. It also includes the ceiling boards, the roof membrane, the strapping, and insulation. Each and every piece of the log home is perfectly handcrafted, and then assembled in the Coventry Log Homes warehouse. Then the pieces get packaged up as the log building package and sent to the customer's building site.

The Ashley log home is a traditional looking log home with a gambrel style roof. We can usually see gambrel style roofs on a classic barn, but they are also great for homes too. In this design, it gives the home wonderful cathedral ceilings that look beautiful in a home. There is a great porch on the front of the house that would be perfect for a couple of old style rocking chairs and some patio lanterns. The floor plan would be large enough to suit a family or a couple, and has four bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms, a nicely sized kitchen area and living room area, for everyday and entertaining use. 1,296 square feet is definitely enough space to live in and enjoy as a full time living space, or even to use as a great sized cabin for recreational use. This Ashley log cabin kit comes with the windows, but more could always be implemented. The large side wall could be all covered in windows actually, which would make a nice statement wall and bring in more light. The D-shaped logs that the homes are built with will give the outside of the home the traditional log home look, while the inside walls can be wood, but will be flat. This makes it easier to decorate the interior and be able to hang decorations and pictures. You can view more great photos of this awesome Ashley log home design on the Coventry Homes website!

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