A Mix of Modern Log Home Charm and Old-School Craftsmanship (Click for Floor Plan)

A Mix of Modern Log Home Charm and Old-School Craftsmanship (Click for Floor Plan)

The StoneWood Log Home Plan is a blend of modern, classic craftsman log home architecture. The log home design is built with handcrafted logs, wraparound porches, and cozy dormers. You will also find high ceilings, a stone fireplace, a central loft and open living throughout this well thought out log home design. The 1,830 square foot log home has three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms in a log home that works for full time living, or as a comfortable family vacation log home.

With this log home plan, there is an optional basement floor plan that provides a garage, a games room, additional bedrooms and a bath. This log home floor plan is designed by GreatLand Log Homes where you can find a wide variety of log home packages, and turn-key construction.

The My Woodhome site is a good place to start if log home living is something you are thinking about or something you are interested in. Some of the log home topics that are covered on this site include log cabin home plans, log home plans, log home budget, log home design and log home floor plans. You will also be able to find log cabin builds, log home builds, log home furnish, maintaining a log cabin and log home companies and products.

On the log home site, there is an interactive quiz that help to get you started on the log home process because building the log home of your dreams is one of the most fulfilling and exciting journeys you will take. With that said it is also one of the most daunting tasks you will take on. So this log home site is a great resource to get you on your way, by steering you in the right direction, and offering any help or suggestions to start.

When starting out with your log home design, you will want to consider the layout and the look of your log home. The layout of the log home is how the log home space will be allocated. The look has to do with the log home shape, size, and proportions. One of the best places to start when planning your log home design is to assess your current living situation. Make a list of all the features you like and all the features you dislike. Most everyone wants to have more space, and that doesnt necessarily mean more rooms. Sometimes what you need is a better arrangement of the same amount of space or even less space.

Chances were when you bought your current home, you didnt have the opportunity to specify exactly where you wanted every room, every window and every closet. When designing your future log home, you have the opportunity when designing your floor plan to design with these things in mind. It helps to look at different log home floor plans and designs, to see what might work best for you. Think about what is most important to you, regarding space and comfort, and eventually you will come up with a log home design that works best for you and your family. A log home design that you can enjoy for years to come.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are planning a layout for their future log home is including too many hallways. Most people find that a better arrangement, even in a different layout, works to have the log home rooms flow directly into one other. You can refine the log home layout as you go along, by identifying situations to avoid at the beginning so you can increase your satisfaction, and prevent costly revision later on, either on paper or once construction is under way.

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