A Little Slice of the Mediterranean That Anyone Can Afford (Click to View Floor Plan)

A Little Slice of the Mediterranean That Anyone Can Afford (Click to View Floor Plan)

Do you love to travel but just don’t have the time to do it these days? Why not bring a little of the Mediterranean right into your neighbourhood by building your very own Mediterranean-style tiny home? That way, every time you go home you’ll feel like you’re on vacation! With this lovely little one-bedroom, one-story micro house, you’ll have the most stylish house on the block! It even has a columned front entry way, giving you that regal feeling every time you enter your home. Everyone will want to come and visit you, just to be able to walk between those two impressive pillars! They’ll be asking you to host Mediterranean dinner parties and barbeques. You could even have Mediterranean-styled theme parties, asking people to dress in their favourite costumes. Whatever you do – and even if you don’t do anything at all – you’re sure to be the most popular tiny house on the street!

At 972 square feet and with just one bedroom, this is a very cozy tiny house, suitable for a single person or a couple – but let’s be honest: it’s not quite big enough for a whole family. If you’re just married, this could be perfect – so romantic! The master bedroom is really quite warm, inviting, and spacious. There are lots of windows throughout the entire house, providing you with ample light and fresh air, and there’s even a covered living area outdoors where you can sit in the shade on those warmer Mediterranean-style afternoons. In addition, the foyer is ingeniously shaded by the roof’s overhang, which cleverly assists with controlling the temperature indoors! And there’s a sweet little fireplace inside, one that helps warm up the living room on those cooler winter evenings. The open-concept indoor area eliminates walls, extra costs, and superficial waste – always a good thing, right?! Other extremely practical features for the Mediterranean tiny house are a laundry room on the main floor as well as a snack bar adjacent to the kitchen.

I found these excellent ePlans for the Mediterranean tiny house at the wonderful ePlans website. If you just happen to enjoy these particular ePlans, then rest assured there are lots more to choose from. Whether you’re looking for full-sized houses, micro homes, or maybe even garden sheds or garages, there are ePlans here for everything you can possibly imagine! There are house plans for New American, Southwestern, European, Victorian, Neoclassical, and Traditional house styles as well as Ranches, A-Frames, Craftsman and Country House plans. Seriously, if you are considering building your own home and are just starting to do the necessary research, then you might want to start here. A whole world of house plans is virtually at your fingertips! ePlans is owned and operated by Hanley Wood, an architectural design company that started designing house plans way back in 1946. It all started with Richard B. Pollman when he drafted up twenty-six house plans right from the get-go and they’ve never stopped designing floor plans since.

Hanley Wood focuses on two main factors when they’re designing new floor plans, and those factors are: affordability and liveability. You’ll definitely see these qualities in each and every floor plan you find on the ePlans website – it’s so easy to imagine yourself living in any and all of them, especially this one for the Mediterranean tiny house – it’s absolutely the cutest little tiny house on the block!

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