A Little Slice of the American Dream That Even a Hobo Can Afford

A Little Slice of the American Dream That Even a Hobo Can Afford

This cute tiny "Cabin Title 4" is a complete do it yourself project that you can plan, build and enjoy on your own. Even if you don't have any construction or tiny house building skills it is possible to build your tiny cabin or tiny house, it just takes patience and the willingness to learn new things.

This site has a myriad of personal stories and useful resources the creator has found when building his small cabin in the wilderness. Hopefully, this small cabin site is useful for other people who want to do the same, to build a tiny cabin on their own, so they can have a quiet retreat or holiday spot to enjoy on weekends or vacation. The creator and his family love the outdoors and like to go on lots of camping trips and nature hikes to explore, hike and enjoy conservation area and wilderness parks. So building a small cabin in the wilderness was a natural extension of their outdoor pursuits. When starting to build their small cabin the author looked all over for tiny house information and had trouble finding anything that was concise, clear and detailed on how to build a tiny house space. The Small Cabin Wall does not promote any cabin building kit, material supplier, construction business or service provider, but will mention particular resources, tools and materials used.

The owner of this site built his tiny cabin right from scratch, using materials that were found at local building places, and without any special skills or training. But before he started, he did lots of tiny house research. Planning when you build your tiny house will save you time, effort, and money. On the site, the main objectives of building a small cabin are Small Cabin Structure, with simple and concise instructions that even a novice can easily understand, easy to build with and wilderness experience. Building your tiny house or tiny cabin is a rewarding and satisfying project, that feels good when accomplished and can offer so many benefits through the years.

There are many things you can do with a small cabin space from using as a guest house, to using as a vacation home to spend quality time with family and friends, and of course for full-time living. Just because a tiny house is on the smaller size does not mean you have to do away with style and design. This small cabin is a great example of what you can accomplish with a tiny house space. First off the location that you choose is just as important as the design of the tiny house or small cabin, especially when it comes to a small cabin you want to be able to extend the interior living space outdoors, and with a location that you enjoy you will be more than inspired to do that. This small cabin does that with its wrap around outdoor patio, it incorporates rustic log poles to hold up the patio roof, and stones in the fireplace to combine the natural elements of the location in an appealing and beautiful design. With an outdoor patio like this and lots of windows, it feels like your small cabin is much bigger than it is, and the outdoor patio is sure to be a place that you will spend plenty of time entertaining and hanging out with family and friends.

The exciting news is that it goes to show you don't need to be an expert builder to build your tiny house, with some research, a little help and lots of patience you too can build the tiny house of your dreams, a place you can live happily.

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