A Hut on Wheels

A Hut on Wheels

There are all sorts of tiny house designs, styles and plans to live in full time, or to use as a tiny getaway house, or artist studio, on a piece of property or your own backyard. "A Hut on Wheels," is a cute little tiny house on wheels that you can use to get away from it all.

This tiny hut on wheels was built on top of an old caravan (trailer) chassis. The inspiration for the tiny hut design came from the traditional English shepherds huts and also a mobile home on wheels that the owner saw on Instructibles. The owner has wanted to build a tiny home like this for years, and has been sketching plans for years. The Douglas Fir cladding and framing timbers were purchased from a local sawmill which specializes in home grown timber, the timber was expensive for this type of wood. Stove and pipework had to be purchased, but money was saved by using a salvaged door, windows and stove, Plywood also had to be purchased.

The size of the tiny hut on wheels is 6.5 feet by 11.8 feet, for a total of 77 square feet. The entire building process is documented on the step by step plan with photos on the site. From the trailer, to the floor, to the walls and roof, each step is discussed. This site opens up a world of creative projects for you to try and build, it is also a spot to share your creative ideas and plans with people from around the world. A lot of these people are just like you, and have never built a tiny home or project before, so its nice to follow along to the step by step instructions, and see what they had to go through in their build.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Instructables," website.

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