A Gorgeous Country Log Home That Looks and Feels Like a Castle (Click for Floor Plan)

A Gorgeous Country Log Home That Looks and Feels Like a Castle (Click for Floor Plan)

Whether you’re hunting high and low for the ideal log home floor plan or you just enjoy the simple beauty of a well-made country home, you’re sure to enjoy this “Rustic with Great Outdoor Spaces”.We’ve covered a lot of log cabin homes in the past several months, but we’ve honestly got to say this is one of the most elegant designs we have come across. The contrasting stone and wood give this log home a very special blend of textures, something that is just so appealing to the eye. A beautiful stone wall surrounds this mountain mansion, making you feel safe and well-protected, and almost as though you’re in a castle stronghold. Inside the spacious living room area, there’s a skilfully- masoned stone fireplace, making you feel warm and comforted, and it’s visible from almost every nook and cranny of the house! The colossal stone chimney is also is one of this log home’s best exterior features as well, completing this gorgeous work of wood and stone.

Just how big is this lovely wood cabin home? It’s 1,930 square feet, with 975 square feet on the main floor and 955 square feet upstairs, so there’s plenty of living space for the entire family. Outside, you have the additional space of an outdoor patio, the perfect place to sit in the warm afternoons, reading your favourite book. You could invite your friends over to spend a pre-barbecue summertime happy hour out here! Or, if you enjoy your quiet time, this is a lovely spot to enjoy the cool autumn mornings on your front porch swing, wrapped in a blanket with your favourite hot drink at your side. Whatever your preferences, you will enjoy this added space and the stunning view outside – we’ll get to that soon! But for now we also want to tell you there’s a large garage included here as well – at 596 square feet, that’s more than enough room to house your favourite vehicle and perhaps some storage items too. If you go upstairs at the Rustic Log Home, you’ll discover three bedrooms and two full bathrooms, not to mention an entire home office area. This could be the ultimate place to live and work, and with all these wonderful trimmings, you may never need to leave! All of the bedrooms are located up here so you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up if you’re roaming around downstairs at night. We understand those night owls need to have their space too!

The Rustic Log Cabin doesn’t just come with an interior floor plan, it comes with a plan for the entire property! Outside, you can find the spacious parking area – which is always important, especially if you plan on having a lot of guests. In addition, there’s a pool area, which is also a bonus, as well as beautiful garden, gazebo, and natural sitting areas placed here and there. There’s also an upper and a lower level to this property, which is truly huge. At the Rustic Log Cabin, you’ve got the best of inside and out, and there are so many places to hide away or get lost in here. It’s like a fairy tale fantasy land come to life! We found this lovely log cabin home over at the Architectural Designs website, where they have log home floor plans for just about every kind of log home you can imagine – and perhaps some you’ve never even dared to envision, like this one – the Rustic Log Cabin with great outdoor spaces. We hope you enjoy your journey and find the log house best suited to your dreams!

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